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  1. Kallyle

    Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

    Really? That’s the first time I’ve heard of that. Which Zelda game considered this?
  2. Kallyle

    Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

    For some reason, I can’t help but feel that Generation IX won’t have the traditional paired version release for their debut… Instead, we might get three debut titles to milk the next region for all it’s worth! It might seem a bit more scummy from a consumer’s perspective. However, with SwSh’s...
  3. Kallyle

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    Wow, I can't believe my luck. Not only did I catch a Shiny Pikachu from this raid a few minutes ago, (in a Premier Ball), but it has perfect 6IVs too!!!
  4. Kallyle

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    I just got a near-perfect IV hidden ability Alolan Raichu about half an hour ago. Even then, it’s HP is labeled “Very Good,” so it only needs one Bottle Cap and a nature-changing mint to reach its full potential!
  5. Kallyle

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Plot twist: Giratina and Eternatus are actually BFFs and invented Dynamax together to screw with the human world.
  6. Kallyle

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    I'm wondering if all these type-themed events are happening because TPCi/Game Freak ran out of decent Max Raid ideas. That would stink on ice if true.
  7. Kallyle

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    We now have a new event featuring Water and Ground types, with G-Max Drednaw and G-Max Sandaconda being the focal point.
  8. Kallyle

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Why not make it like the PokéWalker in HGSS and bundle the Pokétch with the Sinnoh remakes?
  9. Kallyle

    A possible solution for Dexit

    I’d rather have the National Dex be patched in towards the end of a generation during a gap year. It would allow Game Freak to give people something to do while they finish polishing the next generation and ensures that no one’s favorites become unusable for too many releases just because they...
  10. Kallyle

    Do you name your boxes?

    I’m the inverse of @Greninjaman when it comes to naming boxes. I have a VIP box, a Synchronize box, and any non-special boxes become “Volume #.”
  11. Kallyle

    Create a New Ability

    Here’s a few I came up with in my spare time: Phase-Out This Pokémon doubles its evasion against contact moves at half its HP. Static Cling Enemies that make contact cannot escape. Crystallization Water-type and Ground-type attacks against this Pokémon have no effect, but it gains a Fire-type...
  12. Kallyle

    Speculation Create your own Max Raid Event

    We have a thread for the current Max Raid events, but I'd like to talk about potential ones you would personally like to see. In other words, what Max Raid Event would you personally want implemented if it was up to you? What Pokémon or special items would you include in this event? Deos your...
  13. Kallyle

    Why do fan-made pokemon games look better than released ones?

    They obviously can't implement those exact features into the games, but what Game Freak could do is analyze the commonalities between those games and draw inspiration from them. In other words they could use them as a guideline for certain areas like the type of content and difficulty balance to...
  14. Kallyle

    Why do fan-made pokemon games look better than released ones?

    Like everyone else has been saying, the quality tends to vary from fan game to fan game. However, the biggest advantages are the lack of a hard deadline and corporate interference. I do think TPCi and GF should pay more attention to certain features added in these fan games and try to integrate...
  15. Kallyle

    Spoilers Which tower did/would you choose in the expansion pass?

    I technically did both of them as I wanted the full experience, but I didn't save until after the Tower of Darkness since that wouldn't interfere with my choosing G-Max Blastoise for my Isle of Armor team. It helps that Single Strike Urshifu gives me a young Joseph Joestar vibe.
  16. Kallyle

    Thoughts on Pokemon fusion?

    As an actual mechanic? I don’t know if Game Freak could pull it off in a satisfying and believable way. However, if we got something like the Shellder-Slowpoke relationship as an actual evolution method rather than just flavor text, then that could be pretty neat.
  17. Kallyle

    Spoilers Pokémon UNITE

    Sooner or later they’re going to get tired of reuploading the Pokémon Unite stuff, because we all know that it isn’t going to end well for them in terms of the like-to-dislike ratio no matter how much they try damage control.
  18. Kallyle

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Considering Leon took over Rose Tower and made it the Battle Tower, it’s safe to say that Leon can still battle.
  19. Kallyle

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    You kind of did, lol. You raise a good point there about fungi immobility, though I think I might have an answer to that: Given its space-warping property, perhaps Eternatus isn’t physically moving itself so much as warping the space around it as its form of transportation instead.