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  1. Sheep

    Challenge Drawing With Your Non-Dominant Hand :O

    I’m horrible at this lol A spoon?
  2. Sheep

    Do you care what Poké Balls you catch Pokémon with?

    I care quite a bit myself if it's for mons I'll be IV breeding/EV training. great and ultra balls are ones I really don't tend to like much since they don't look great to me, so it's very rare I'll use those to catch Pokémon I plan to train up competitively or shiny breed/hunt. think my...
  3. Sheep


    keep! very useful competitively, I think it works really well. Extreme Speed?
  4. Sheep

    Your favorite anime battle

    For me I don't think anything will top Ash's battle against Kukui/Tapu Koko - it was an absolute masterpiece and my favorite episode to date. Ash vs. Clemont for his gym badge was also insaaanely good. I can probably watch those tons of times over!
  5. Sheep

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    cute! i like appletun better though, but it seems like most others do haha snorlax?
  6. Sheep

    What video games are you playing now?

    more ffxiv lately. did my usual dailies that include roulettes, beast tribe quests, and hunts. need to get back to leveling my crafters, but I'm just so lazy to do leves with all the running back and forth it requires :<
  7. Sheep

    Favorite Ash-Free Animation

    Chronicles has a really special place in my heart, as well as The Legend of Thunder. Must have watched those tens of times over. The stories were so engaging and I was incredibly happy to have focus on other characters, especially in such deep and serious events I didn't often see in regular...
  8. Sheep

    What youtube video did you watch last?

    taylor's 3 day instagram model transformation! she's one of my favorite vloggers, I feel like she's a very realistic person (b' ')b didn't finish watching yet though lol
  9. Sheep

    Review TW07: Sky

    just finished watching! This was a great episode even if I couldn't help but feel the adults were irresponsible letting John go alone when he's sick and weak. The flying taxi scenes were beautiful. Of course Leon would get lost and end up on the mountains though, expected but still amusing lol...
  10. Sheep

    Do you rotate your team?

    usually not! I stick to a team of 5/6 (depending on the game and if I need an HM slave to fill a slot). my partner has trained a lot of Pokémon in some playthroughs though, I think up to 15-20?
  11. Sheep

    Quiz: What Pokemon are You?

    fairly accurate, but I feel like I get a different answer each time I take this. think I got Teddiursa and Togetic before!
  12. Sheep

    Preview M23: Koko

    I enjoyed the song a fair bit, and the trailer itself looks great! The scenes they showed off were super dynamic. Still not too sure about this human child raised in the jungle by animal(s) concept concept since I feel it's a little overdone, but it definitely makes me like Zarude a lot more...
  13. Sheep

    What video games were you thinking of buying?

    Story of Seasons: Mineral Town for the switch! aaaah I want it but spent a lot on other things already, including pretty high emergency vet bills for the cat. eventually ;_;
  14. Sheep

    Favorite Normal Type?

    there are so many normal types I love, but hands down favorite would be Cinccino <3 it's so fluffy and adorable, definitely in my top 5 favorite Pokémon list. close seconds are Furret, Delcatty, Audino, Meloetta, and Zangoose. love them all!
  15. Sheep

    Preview JN035: Get Pikachu

    ! okay this one sounds fun and I love the idea of Go getting a Pikachu and potentially evolving it later. Ash's Pikachu is absolutely never going to evolve no matter how much previews may try to make viewers believe, but the possibility of seeing Raichu in anyone's team at all would be great for...
  16. Sheep

    Preview JN036: Satoshi and Go, Crawl Up From the Sand Hell!

    Okay, it's not the gmax Sandaconda I was hoping for but.. (y) Ash going through a slump, sorry my boy but it adds more enjoyment/depth when I see you struggle a little, haha (y) Go doing things, looking forward to whatever strategy he has in mind (and seeing him do things altogether) (y) Hoenn...
  17. Sheep


    keep! I like this one, it's been helpful for me \o/ dry skin?
  18. Sheep

    Favorite Third/Enhanced Version?

    crystal. I swear I can play this game over and over and over... it's so fun. I never get bored! the one downside is that Mareep was removed from the list of obtainable Pokémon, so I'd have to trade. =( and that's a pretty big downside for me, though I enjoy the game very much anyway.
  19. Sheep

    The Garden Grotto General Chat

    hi :wave: Just to confirm the above, the site doesn't have a policy on bumping old threads, nope. You're free to post in older topics and revive them as long as the post is relevant to the discussion, of course. And when it comes to duplicate posts, we really only prefer not to have them when...
  20. Sheep


    Change... 90 damage doesn’t seem much for a move that does 1/4 in recoil. Maybe up the power to 100? quash