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  1. TheCapsFan

    Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #2: Current State of News

    Honestly I think the most important thing with that announcement (especially as it relates to the topic of the thread) is that this is the second time that a major first party title was announced with release date via a Twitter post. I think this will likely be the way that Nintendo gets most of...
  2. TheCapsFan

    What video games were you thinking of buying?

    Was thinking of buying Trials of Mana remake for Switch when it was on sale, but decided to hold off for now.
  3. TheCapsFan

    What little things, details, and other small additions in Sword/Shield that you like

    Hm, let's see... I enjoy the automatic running shoes FINALLY making a return all the way from Gen IV, and that the bike is automatically mapped to a button now. I also enjoy that the Pokemon Box is automatically accessible from your party. I also like the addition of TRs. That's all I can...
  4. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    The 72 hour day phases were great and I’d like to see them implemented in future large games, but maybe instead of having people vote halfway through the game on whether to keep them or not, just make it a default that they switch back to 48 hours when there are like, less than 9 people left or...
  5. TheCapsFan

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I really kinda splurged this week. My parents are getting rid of their old XBOX 360 and giving it to me, so I’m trying to get a small collection of 360 exclusives/3rd party games from that generation (suggestions would be welcome!). A GameStop near me was doing a closing sale so I went there...
  6. TheCapsFan

    Cancelled Games Sonic Adventure X: Mafia (Sign Ups)

    I’ll play. I don’t really play Sonic, so I’ll just pick Tails because he flies.
  7. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    honest mistake. I couldn’t figure out what to call them (settled on Pika2) until halfway through my post, didn’t even realize I had accidentally called Pika “Piko” in that post until you mentioned it just now.
  8. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    What do your instincts say about which one of them is more likely to be scum?
  9. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    dude mido is not scum she was copchecked town the chance for her to be godfather is SO low There is no active killing role in the game, thus, having THREE alternative roles who fill the niche of doctor, regardless of their limitations, makes NO sense balance wise.
  10. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    Dude I’ve been trying to push my case on Human since Day 2 and no one’s even given it a second thought. Ya bet your ass that i’m tired of trying.
  11. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    From a claim standpoint, like I said, I think the most likely scenario is that one of Ex, Human, and Fatima/Piko is lying. Three active protective roles to one active killing role is ridiculous. Human's claim, as said before, would be a perfect fakeclaim for a roleblocker, but I think I doubt...
  12. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    Really? I thought that the phase ended in like 6h? Or are we only shortening the phases on a phase-by-phase basis? In that case I'll [VOTE}: Don't shorten
  13. TheCapsFan

    Mafia One Night Ultimate Werewolf Mafia - Endgame

    Part of the fun is in trying to figure out what your identity is in addition to everyone else's. Typically when I play this game IRL, actions are mandatory, and I personally think that would have gone a long way to making the game and the alignment changes more legitimate and less "bastard." I...
  14. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    The most likely scenario is that someone is lying between Human, Fatima/Piko, and ExLight, and that's the final mafia. Either that or it's one of the Lovers. I doubt that the setup is 9:4:2. Have fun being played by Human :bulbaWave:
  15. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    Fuck. Despite what I said above, after a reread of what I've missed, I'm still so confused about Human though. He has controlled SO MUCH of this game. He even controlled the Tood lynch without even voting for Tood. I really do think that one of the protective roles are lying and feel like...
  16. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    I agree with this.
  17. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    With regards to DekuNut, the thought I had in mind with that was that it would essentially clear HD and make the PoE smaller. HD pushed hard on Pikochu, then voted DekuNut N3 (setting up a distance) when he had a chance to kill Tood instead, would scum!HD really do that when it's super similar...
  18. TheCapsFan

    Mafia Archie Sonic Mafia, Endgame: TBA (4/8/20)

    Apologies for being away for so long, I totally missed a ton of stuff; i’ll read up and give my thoughts later, I guess, but from what I can tell it seems like a lot is out in the open.