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  1. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Furigana

    So, currently, we tend to display ruby text (such as furigana) as tooltips. This is not the worst way to do it, but I think it is not ideal. Template:Ruby actually allows furigana to be displayed as ruby text, and is implemented on a few pages. We've actually had the template since 2007, it's...
  2. SnorlaxMonster

    Need Hidden Ability females

    Looking for some Hidden Ability females in Gen V (time running out). Anyone have any spares, or the Ability to make some? I can trade most Hidden Ability Pokemon not listed here. I need the following urgently: Rattata, Ekans, Sandshrew, Abra, Machop, Bellsprout, Tentacool, Ponyta, Doduo, Seel...
  3. SnorlaxMonster

    Friend Safari on Pokémon pages

    So currently we do not list the Friend Safari as a possible location to encounter the Pokémon under "Game locations" on Pokémon pages. I really don't like this, and think we need to include it somehow there. As I understand it, the reason they are not listed there is that not every single...
  4. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia BP as a reward

    I dislike the idea of listing BP in the position of prize money. People have tried to list TMs there before, and we have rejected that as they are given through separate dialogue after the battle, not during the battle like prize money is. BP is not awarded in the battle screen like prize money...
  5. SnorlaxMonster

    Disambiguating Conquest characters

    Masamune, Hanzō, Aya, and Kai currently all are disambiguated with "(Conquest)" at the end. Aya and Kai make sense, but Masamune and Hanzō go against convention. Usually if a character is the only character with that name as its page title, it gets to have it without the disambiguatory...
  6. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Assist Mode

    For most teams, we seem to have both Normal and Challenge Mode, but people seem to forget that there is a third mode: Assist Mode. This mode is supposed to make the opponents weaker. Can someone please get parties for them too?
  7. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Consistency in main anime character articles

    Kenji-girl; I'm going to start with an anecdote, so if you don't care why I'm bringing this up, skip the next paragraph. So today I noticed an "About" section on the article Brock (anime). This should NOT exist, and should be broken off into other sections. So I originally found that most of...
  8. SnorlaxMonster


    I really don't like the way we consider so many moves to be variations: move variations. I have no problem with Elemental Fangs, Elemental Punches, OHKO moves, Pledge moves, Blue Flare/Bolt Strike, Counter/Mirror Coat, etc.; and Dig/Dive, Eruption/Water Spout, etc. don't really bother me...
  9. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia In other languages

    I've noticed that "In other languages" is often a subsection of "Trivia". I really don't think this should be the case. Other language names are not trivial. Also, mostly in character articles, "Names" is used instead of "In other languages". We really should just pick one (my preference is...
  10. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Event organisation

    Currently, we divide the events by year, then region once we reach 2009. Generation I and II events are currently split only by generation, but I have no intention to change this due to the fact that they worked differently and were very uncommon. What I propose is that we split events by...
  11. SnorlaxMonster

    Egg moves

    I recently found a comment on a move's talk page about how one of the Pokémon was incorrectly labelled as requiring chain breeding. When I fixed it, I noticed that several other Pokémon had missing fathers. Then I started going through various egg moves for various Pokémon, and I was surprised...
  12. SnorlaxMonster

    Orange Archipelago and the Sevii Islands

    Currently, Bulbapedia is listing the Orange Archipelago and New Island as directly south of the Sevii Islands, which themselves are directly south of Kanto. The reason is this anime map (caution, huge image). However, on this map, the islands are insets, "much like Alaska and Hawaii on a map of...
  13. SnorlaxMonster

    Pokéwalker Routes

    I have noticed that all of the Pokéwalker routes have disambiguation after their names in their titles, eg Yellow Forest (Pokéwalker Route). Yet, after going through every single Pokéwalker Route page, NONE of them need it. The name without the disambiguation redirects every single time. While...
  14. SnorlaxMonster

    Hurt and Heal

    Noticed there isn't one so: Mew 20 Deoxys 20 Celebi 20 Lugia 20 Ho-oh 20 Latios 20 Latias 20 Jirachi 20 Arceus 10 Shaymin 20 Darkrai 10 Ok lets start Mew 21 + Deoxys 20 Celebi 20 Lugia 20 Ho-oh 20 Latios 19 - Latias 20 Jirachi 20 Arceus (handicapped) 10 Shaymin 20 Darkrai (handicapped) 10
  15. SnorlaxMonster


    Ok, there may already be a thread for this, but if there is, its not stickyed and its not on the first page. 1. I have heard of bad eggs, how do you get them, what do they do, how are they different from normal eggs, or any other information.
  16. SnorlaxMonster

    Strategy Thread

    A place to share your strategies with others. Here are some strategies: FEAR rattata (not mine): What is needed: low Lv Rattata w/endevour and quick attack focus sash Method: 1. give rattata the focus sash. 2. put rattata first 3. battle 4. use endevour (the foe should then do...
  17. SnorlaxMonster

    D/P Misc

    i dont know about you, but im sick of seeing threads being posted that should be posted, but not as whole threads. This is a place for you to place thoses things. These are things like the thread that was complaining about Amity Square. Enjoy!!!
  18. SnorlaxMonster

    Which pokemon are you?

    here are the first few: Are you extreemly caring for others: Chansey Are you lazy: snorlax Are you always having mood swings: kecleon Do you get hungry alot: Munchlax Do you like to copy others: Ditto Do you get angry in an instant: voltorb are you very fit: machop Are you intelligent...
  19. SnorlaxMonster

    Fake pokemon

    A place for showing fake pokemon and giving names 2 ones that dont have any. Also u can show pokefusions (pokemon that have been combined with others)