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  1. lavandula

    Favorite Kanto Gym leader poll results

    Sources: 「カントー地方で好きだったジムリーダーは誰?」結果発表!━第1位の栄冠は、あのお嬢様のもとに輝く!? | インサイド "Who was your favorite Kanto gym leader?" Poll Results: 5. Brock 4. Misty 3. Sabrina 2. Giovanni 1. Erica So Erica is the most popular Kanto Gym leader in Japan. Statistics (translated) : 1. Erica (133 votes)...
  2. lavandula

    Pokemon that are popular in a certain country, but very unpopular in other countries?

    I just noticed that lots of Americans hate Stunfisk, and that Stunfisk is quite hated in USA? But Stunfisk is very popular in Japan! So I want to make a thread. Is there a Pokemon that you love, but is hated in your country? Maybe I can tell you that it's popular on the other side of the...
  3. lavandula

    Change in mechanics/ formula calculations?

    I noticed that in Pokemon GO, type effectiveness is no longer x2, but x1.25 That makes previously x4 effectiveness becomes only x1.56 damage. Is it possible, that due to the introduction of Super Moves, the calculations for type effectiveness is changed? A similar change was observed in Gen...