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  1. JohnnyCool708

    Stupid Things You Did as A Kid

    After much recent discussion, I have been inspired to create this thread. List stupid mistakes you made when you were younger/first playthrough, etc. Things such as getting stuck in simple places, not being able to read things right, fears, and not saving are perfect examples. List your...
  2. JohnnyCool708

    When did you discover the Save button? (Seriously!)

    This may sound absurd, but when I got my first Pokemon game on my fourth brithday (after watching the anime for some two years), I went through all three starters for about a month, playing a couple of times a week. I specifically remember alternating with a Mario game and some Loony Tunes game...
  3. JohnnyCool708

    Is it possible that....

    Well, considering the patterns most of you have recognized, who will be the Pokemon this generation that bites/attacks James' head? It doesn't have to be, but if he has one again it will most likely be a grass type. Or you could just say Carnivine will stick around for the whole generation...
  4. JohnnyCool708

    Black and White Beta

    Will there be a Beta for Black and White released to the public? If so when? Just a simple question I will close it after the question is answered and if nobody continues discussing it.
  5. JohnnyCool708

    Is it possible that James is gay?

    If you remember James is sort of homosexual or maybe a transvestite because he dresses up inappropriately in one of the banned episodes and in the episode, "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City" He says after being thunderbolted, "This is one of the times I wish I could go straight" Plus James...
  6. JohnnyCool708

    Some of Your Favoirte Anime Errors

    While watching the Anime, there have been many big errors, especially in the first season. Some of my favorites are: In the Pokerap, when they say GRAVELER they show you a Geodude. When Ash catches Pidgeotto, it is eating a random worm. Caterpie's Counter......... Koffing's Counter...
  7. JohnnyCool708

    Hello!!! (I should of done this days ago)

    I first joined BulbaGarden Forums in May 2008, just to read them, but I have now decided to come back and start talking. I have been here again for over three weeks now, and am excited to be part of this. I love Pokemon theory science and geography. Just a formal introduction, im not completely...
  8. JohnnyCool708

    Underused and Overused Pokemon

    What Pokemon do you believe have been sadly neglected for no good reason? What Pokemon are being neglected fairly? What UU and NU Pokemon should have upgrades in moves and stats? What Pokemon are Over Used? -For a good reason? (Above)
  9. JohnnyCool708

    Girl Pokeathlete Character?

    Between Generations there has usually been some stupid sub thing. (Orange Islands, Battle Frontier) What do you think this will be if there is one? Also, will Hikari stick around and leave at Gen V, only to be replaced by a Pokeathlete since Contests are stale?
  10. JohnnyCool708

    Type Changes

    What Pokemon do you think should have and/or will have type changes? (If there are any like in Gen II)Ex. Gyrados- Water/Dragon PLEASE Pinsir(or evolution if one is made)Bug/Steel Ursaring Normal/Dark