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    The artsy Pokemon scenes

    I'm talking about pictures like this I always found it odd that no other anime had these dramatic scenes in that special medium, unless I'm mistaken. And it's odd, especially since Pokemon isn't know for having superb animation. Why would they go all out on these scenes? And it's not like...
  2. H

    Where to find large screencaps of recent episodes?

    Does anyone know where I can get full-sized screenshots from recent Pocketmonsters DP episodes? They post some on Pokemopolis but not that many and lately, I have to take them myself and that's if I can find the episode and unfortunately I can't find some of the episodes I need. Don't get me...
  3. H

    Diagonal movement

    I've noticed that the member Dogasu thinks that the main Pokemon games should become more like the Pokemon Ranger games where not only are there diagonal graphics, but you can walk diagonal. The main Pokemon games have had your movement limited to either vertical or horizontal paths, with no...
  4. H

    Buying Japanese dvds

    I, through some strange [legal] circumstances that shall remain personal, have a lot of cash to spend and decided that it would be a great idea to start buying Japanese Pokemon dvds. It'd not only benefit the Pokemon company but my harddrive space which I'm really stingy about lately. The...
  5. H

    Together 2008 (full?)

    I recently found the newest cd with the two new songs on it (the opening and the ending) but what surprised me was that the version of Together 2008 was the regular tv version. Now I'm worried. Is there a full version of this song? Will it be released? It's one of my new favorites and I'd be...
  6. H

    Humans drinking Pokemon water?

    Throughout the show, water Pokemon use their water to water plants, to burn out fire or to attack but how come their water hasn't been seen as a drink on the show. Perhaps when Ash and co are in a hot desert and parched, they could use the current water Pokemon's water gun. So how come the...
  7. H

    A Mysterious Misty

    Very long ago the webmaster of Pokesho (Soara) did a picture involving Misty from all the different spinoffs she was featured in. I know most of them, but I dont know where the Misty in the top left corner is (the one that's very simply drawn). I've asked some people (I think I asked Yamato-san...
  8. H

    A problem

    Not sure of where I should post this. There were no posts like this in the Pocket monsters imageboard so I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post my problem there. So I thought the garden grotto was the next best place. If it's wrong, then please forgive me. I was accidently banned from...
  9. H

    Combusken = pigeon?

    It dawned on me one day, when my love for pigeons was beginning, that Combusken's head resembled the head of a pigeon. So I then took a sprite (which I cant find right now) and took it's head and used Pidgey's body. Turned out exactly like a pigeon So do you think it's just a coincidence or...
  10. H

    Crystal Clair's Art

    Last time I posted a thread here, no one posted so it just died. Hopefully this time will be different Some of you may have seen me on the oekaki here, but I do much work beyond that little program Here's an oekaki that for some reason didn't upload I call it Totemo Spies, a Japanese...
  11. H

    Pallet town Question

    I've been wondering this for a while. And now that I have pictures, I tried once again attempting this Where is Professor Oak's lab in relation to Ash's house? I know to the left of Ash's house is an intersection and usually you see people going on the road in the opposite direction of Ash's...
  12. H

    Crystal Clair's BMGF Art Thread

    Well it's about time I had one here. And this is also my very first thread made here. I've done lots of pics, like at the oekaki (Kasumi-chan's commented on some too) but this time I'm here to show off the art I've made off the net. When the Dragonair episode aired, I was so excited. A new...