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    Getting Zorua and Zoroark

    I spent about thirty minutes or so trying to find out how to do this. Getting Zorua isn't very difficult. I'm writing this up so people won't swamp the forums with "Where is the guy you tell the words to?" posts. Once you get to Castelia City, you can get Zorua. Follow these steps: 1. Head...
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Use this thread for any questions you have. Try to be as clear as possible when asking for help. Now, some questions will be asked multiple times. To cover these consistent issues, we have here a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that will hopefully solve your problems. This FAQ will grow...
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    Pokémon Sunday and Oha Suta Discussion Thread

    We ask that you join the IRC Chat to discuss the episode rather than make a thread about it. This thread will serve as the official Pokemon Sunday discussion thread... and it will be locked when the actual show is on. This is to cut down on spammy posts. We did the same thing when HGSS was about...
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    This area will serve the purposes of Team Rocket!

    This media shall become propaganda to help find our leader. Giovanni! Where are you?
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    Review S12 EP27: Evolving Strategies!

    Once again, it was on at 7:00 AM instead of 7:30. Still cropped too.
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    Pokéwalker Discussion Thread

    Now that the game is out, I feel a real thread about the Pokéwalker and how it funcions is required. I think it's really easy to navigate, I have caught several Pokémon with it. I'm curious about how a Pokémon levels up...every Pokémon I've had in it has only grown about one level. It's really...
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    HGSS Help Thread (aka Simple Questions/Simple Answers)

    This way the forum won't be clogged with small question threads. Ask away.
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    Opinion: Top Five Favorite Shiny Pokémon

    I'm looking for some information, you see. What are your top five favorite non-legendary Shiny Pokémon? I'm not looking for WHY they're your favorite...just your favorites. In order from most favorite to least favorite.
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    I'm sure this is considered art...

    For my Crafts class...we're making books...and for the final we had to make a personal book. Not wanting to do anything difficult...I made the easiest book...a single signature. To make them like...pretty and what not, you use scrapbook paper. I wanted to make mine Pokemon themed since I want to...
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    Video Pavilion

    As we all all know, Platinum has a new item called the Battle Recorder that lets you record Frontier and Online battles...and you can upload them at the GTS. To do this you need to go to the GTS and take the red warp to the Battle floor. Use the machine and get on Wi-Fi. From there you can...
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    I'm gonna open a can of worms!

    Is Aero, Red's Aerodactyl, shiny? Look at it's colors on Volume 3's cover. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Special_volume_3 It's Pink and Blue. Just like it's shiny colors. Now, I'm sure it's not, it's just kind of a weird coincidence that it has the same colors...
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    There is a Manga for Mystery Dungeon 2...who knew?

    http://skygarden.shogakukan.co.jp/skygarden/owa/solc_dtl?isbn=9784091406705 I was looking for another manga on Corocoro's site where they show releases, and I saw this...did anyone know there was a manga for the second game? .-.
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    Image quality policy?

    I'd like to propose some kind of image standards be set into place. I'm getting tired of seeing YouTube quality screencaps being used in articles. Example: -Double Hit: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Double_Hit That picture of Aipom is TERRIBLE. We need some kind of policy...
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    Redundancy in Pokemon Species articles

    The mentioning of how a Pokemon evolves at the top of their articles is very redundant. There is a section dedicated to evolution. Why is this necessary? I propose these be removed from the tops of articles on the grounds of unnecessary redundancy.
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    Pokemon in Spore

    So, how many of us are making Pokemon in Spore? I finally got it to work and my first creation was of course: Ambipom~! Of course, they can't look exactly like the real thing...but it's close enough. :P Any others?
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    Which Trio is used more?

    I'm doing some "market research" and I'm trying to see which of the First, Second, and Third Gen. trios are used the most. Could I get some feedback?
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    Talk page clutter

    I notice on well...pretty much every talk page...there's discussion about the subject of the article, rather than the article itself and how to improve it... I find this to be a waste of space when there is a perfectly good FORUM for such discussion...isn't there a policy on this like on...
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    Is mentioning how each Pokemon performs a move necessary?

    On a lot of attack articles, sections pop up about how that attack looks when performed by a Pokemon...is this REALLY necessary? Is someone really going to look through an article to see how Chimchar uses Flamethrower?
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    Behavior and Diet

    Are these sections really necessary? In most of the articles I've looked at...these are empty. Why does every single diet section have to be linked to Pokemon Food? Isn't there another alternative to get to that article?
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    Anyone interested in assiting with the Pokemon DP scanlation?

    *Bah, typo in the title D:* Yeah, it's still going, I'm just busy with school. We have the translations for the first two chapters...1 and 2 are both clean, they just need the translations applied. Chapter 1 has up to page 19 completed...and I just got Chapter 2's translation today. So...