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    A tree sat forlorn on its empty hill, Master of all that it sees And seeing nothing. The joy of youth and alacrity of opportunity had long since fled its form, Away from a world both sinless and sinful. For the sky hung cloudy on soul of the Earth and soul of the human, Though both had long...
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    A Wild Sceptile Appears! (Again)

    Hi everybody~! I've been away for so long now, and I decided to come back a little. I never did really formally introduce myself when I first opened this account, so now's as good a time as ever! So, please, never hesitate to strike a random conversation about Hetalia, Pokémon, or really...
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    Shiny Pokemon Need a New Home~

    Hi! I have too many shinies for my own good at this point, so I just want a few kind people to take them and hopefully feed them marshmallows for dinner, because I simply don't know what to do with them anymore. ^^ Note: All Pokemon are from GTS but they are most likely legit. All Pokemon...
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    Would Love a Good Battle- 5th Gen

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone was interested in a nice battle. I use Pokemon from all tiers, (Though I have a soft spot for a couple Neverused,) most of my Pokemon are around level 90 after a bunch of training, and 100% legitimate. (But you can use PokeGen'd 'mons if you want, as long as they...
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    Starters for Shinies!

    Dear members of Bulbagarden, I am having extreme trouble with my PokeDex, and (I hope I'm in the right place,) I was hoping some people here would be willing to be generous enough to trade me their extra starter Pokemon. The only one I don't need is the Snivy line. The part...
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    Simply Wanting Any Feebas- With High (Shining) Reward!

    I've been attempting to fill up my PokeDex, starting with Route 1's Pokemon, but this little Feebas issue became out of hand when I spent hours fishing over it. (BW2) This is exactly why a very desperate me is now here, willing to give shiny Pokemon for a Feebas. The Shinies- Will give...
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    Shiny Corner!

    Hello! This is just a corner where we trade shinies! I prefer UT, but either one's fine. Not looking for anything in particular, just not red Gyarados. ^^ I can offer many shinies, though if you don't mind hacks or RNG's, there are plenty more! For example, shiny Zoroark and...
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    ~*Free Shiny Pokemon Giveaway! *~

    Hello! I can't handle too many Shiny Pokemon in my PC Boxes at once, so I am organizing a FREE Giveaway! Just tell me which Pokemon you want, when you can trade, and your FC if I don't already have it! Up for trade, 4 Taken Pokemon already? Yay! All are gone...
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    ~* More Shinies! *~

    Hi!:bounce: I just got too many Shinies for my own good and so I will be giving them away here. For each Shiny, I would like a Shiny. It doesn't make sense, right? I prefer them to be level one, although I wouldn't mind a couple exceptions, such as Latios or the Legendary Beasts thing, along...
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    TEEN: Seviper's Journey

    This is one of my first shots at fanfiction, so constructive criticism is always appreciated! :bounce: One- Seviper looked up. The sky was so clear, unlike the tall grass below it. Seviper and Zangoose were scattered everywhere, some dead, some alive. It was a battle to the end- one...
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    The Place for Your Unwanted Shinies.

    Hello! Do you have that one shiny Magikarp you will never put to good use? The poor Gible that needs a new home? This is the place where all homeless shinies go to a good place with a warm fire and marshmellows for dinner. Just kidding! But I will make sure to take care of all of them! Even if...
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    Keldeo, Please!

    Like everyone else, I would love to have a Keldeo. Timid nature is preferred, but something that raises Special Attack is just fine, too. Level fifteen! Offers- Event Arceus Level Eighty Arbok Event Zekrom Japanese Ditto And you may ask me for Pokedex...
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    Another Small Shiny-for-Shiny Sale

    Hello! Another shiny sale thread! This time, the shinies I will trade are: (Drumroll Please.) Shiny Absol Level 80 Calm Nature Shiny Cofagrigus Level 58 Lax Nature I can give more detail on both Pokemon if requested. In return, I would like pretty much any level one...
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    Shiny Eevee to a Good Home

    Hi! I have a shiny Eevee up for trade! Docile natured, level five, and ths Eevee is the top percentage of all Eevee. It is also male. I would like any shiny level one Pokemon, please. If you have a shiny that I already have, I will inform you! ^
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    Anyone Up For A Shiny Bidoof?

    Hi all, I recently obtained a shiny Bidoof :D and My training team is full, so does anybody want it? It is most likely not hacked, level one, Adamant natured, and...that is all. I can give more info if it is requested. Anyway, I would gladly accept almost any level one shiny! I collect them.
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    Shiny Geodude!

    Yes. One golden version of what is commonly known as most annoying Pokemon ever! :D I would like a shiny in return, level one. I will tell you if I already have that certain shiny! Thanks!
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    In Desperate Need of a Power Bracer.

    I have been EV training, and I am missing an important item. Please, I am offering a Regice with Pokerus, or just ask me, and I'll tell you if I have it. Just one Power Bracer to spare?
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    Small Shiny-for-Shiny Sale!

    Hello everyone! I am here with a couple shinies I got off of the GTS, they look pretty legit, and the list is- Shiny Turtwig Venusaur and Leafeon now are adopted! Now, I would like some low-level shinies, hacked or not, preferably a ghost type, and I usually like low-levels. If...
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    Shiny Kyurem for Adoption

    Hi, everyone! I just got a level 75 shiny Kyurem off of the GTS, and I was wondering if anyone liked it. I would like a shiny in return, preferably a level one teal Turtwig, however, anything is pretty much fine.
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    Giving Shiny Pansear a New Home.

    Yup. Level 10 shining Pansear, I will give more information if it is requested! Plus, I am looking for pretty much any shiny. Doesn't matter if it's a green Oddish, any shiny. Preferably Latias.