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    Level of Technology, and Diverging Branches of Science

    At the same time, though, there's also that pokemon are said to be different in that regard from other animals. If there were animals in this world that could undergo such a matter transformation, we could very well have done the same thing ages ago. But since there aren't, it's impossible to say.
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    Cutest Pokemon

    Landmin. Shame it formchanges into something so...uncute.
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    Masuda urges fans to watch Pokémon Smash! this Sunday: Possible new game details to a

    Re: Masuda urges fans to watch Pokémon Smash! this Sunday: Possible new game details You can watch it online. Download a program called Keyhole TV--it's perfectly legal!--and you can watch live Japanese TV. Of course, the quality is often pretty bad, but hey, it's free and we can discuss it...
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    Do you have any Pokemon books?

    Not counting manga, I have some of the storybooks, some novelizations of episodes, some game guides, some movie info books, a book on collecting Kids figures...hmm, I'll have to compile it all sometime.
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    Who's the hottest villain in Pokemon?

    While he falls short of actual "villain" instead of "bad guy", but Jirarudan is one attractive fellow. And aaah something about Domino man I swear.
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion Thread

    Re: New Pokemon Game Announced for DS - NEW PICS! Well, it'll be canon, but a *different* canon. That's an important distinction to make. And holy cow, Nobunaga? I never expected Pokemon to delve into historical fiction. Crossovers yeah, especially given the franchise's involvement with...
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    Pokemon Adventures volumes 15-29 to be released?

    What a puzzlement. Has anybody called Viz to ask them? Could the dates be right but the *years* be wrong? Perhaps it starts next fall?
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    Pokeballs: What do they ACTUALLY do to Pokemon?

    In DPPt, there's an essay on Cyrus's computer where he talks about how pokeballs hinder a pokemon's natural power. He doesn't elaborate, but it's what necessitated the Red Chain. I wonder if this is common knowledge in-universe or if it's just something a few scientists know and the League tries...
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    Was Koya based on Silver?

    Or heck, was he meant to BE Silver? The resemblence is too much to really be coincidence, from his outfit and hairstyle to his entire attitude. Although to make someone based on Silver part of the International Police seems a jump. Is it too big a jump?
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    Should I make that a tag line for the fic or something? "So good, even the trolls enjoy it!"
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    Church gone a bit to far?

    Actually in this case it becomes a "missed the joke" thread, because Landover Baptist is a parody site. Yes I know this thread was locked, but I felt it needed to be said for future reference.
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    Moves you think a Pokemon should have.

    Seriously. Especially the larger ones like macaws, but amazons and african greys can still break your finger.
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    Moves you think a Pokemon should have.

    Teeter Dance on Bellossom. Bite on Chatot (ever been bit by a parrot? 350 lbs of force per square inch, baybee).
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    Thank you! Any specific thoughts?
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    Your idea for a Pokemon Manga series

    Yeah. Like I said, PokeWake sort of accomplishes this, but it has basically single-chapter stories (with a very few recurring characters such as Akane and Junk), so not a lot of time to pull off a detailed storyline. Magical Pokemon Journey has some elements of slice of life, but it's more of a...
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    Your idea for a Pokemon Manga series

    Comedy where no one dies, that's basically Pocket Monsters. Unless you count the art style in which case it's a slaughter. I guess no one dies in Magical Pokemon Journey although there's some pre-story deaths (Mandy the Charmander and the whole thing with Sandy the ghost come to mind)...
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    How to work the TCG into an anime verse story...

    Yeah. They used to be actual TCG cards.
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    How to work the TCG into an anime verse story...

    It's already IN the anime. James has some cards at a few points (usually replaced in the dubs because of weird FCC regulations). So basically it's already established to exist. And as for how you do it without making it a YGO clone...that's pretty simple. Just keep it as a GAME and not that...
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    Junichi Masuda's information about N

    And the part about believing himself to be perfection just furthers my clone theory
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    Junichi Masuda's information about N

    Well, who names their child Ghetsis?