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    Your Character Flaws?

    So I think we all probably have that one thing bad about yourself, or something we need to improve on to better ourselves. Do you have any you would care to share? Personally, once I've decided I don't like the way act, talk, ect; it's very hard to change that view of yourself in my eyes...
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    GEN VI: Unaware Wooper

    Pretty simple request. No need for IV's or egg moves (Don't think he has any anyway). Just this specific ability. Can offer BP items Charmanders Outrage Dragon Pulse Ancient Power Dragon Dance 5IV (No Defense) Snover JPN Larvitar Bite Leer Dragon Dance Stealth Rock Larvitar...
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    GEN VI: Wanted:Iron Fist Gollet w/egg moves.

    Hello! I would love, a Gollet. I would prefer this spread. Adament Golett with the egg moves Ice Punch Fire Punch I would appreciate IVs in HP Attack Defense Sp Defense My offer will vary based upon the IV spread. Thank you for reading! I have a lot to offer, just respond with what you...
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    Your Hidden Talents?

    Pretty much all of us have that one special thing we can do. The question here is what hidden talent do you have? I can do a perfect Bear Grylls impression. I love to narrate people at school using this, here's a quote, "As you can see, the lioness horde is extremely hostile towards...
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    Hello there! New member is here!

    So hello there! My name is Riley(male) and I love pokemon! Specifically nuzlockes and competitive battling (though I kinda suck). I also love Zelda, Doctor Who, and comics! Feel free to message me for conversations!