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  1. J

    COMPLETE: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13] [COMPLETE]

    I'm back once again. Here it is, the final part in the Sinnoh Saga. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Same rules from Legends of Sinnoh apply as before. Don't worry, I won't forget the main cast this time. =P Enjoy. Pokémon XR: Sinnoh Frontier Episode #1: The Grand...
  2. J

    COMPLETE: The Super Pokefriends Christmas Special (PG, Holiday one-shot)

    Merry...*looks at computer clock* two days before Christmas, everyone! As mentioned by the end of Shadow Apocalypse, I said I was going to post a short one-shot of a Christmas special with your favorite Super Pokemon team, the Super Pokefriends! This is a "just-for-fun" thing and something...
  3. J

    PMD "Beyond Time and Darkness" to air this friday on Cartoon Network

    I was going to ask this, since I saw it on my channel guide for FiOS, so I decide to check CN's site and sure enough, I'm right. They're going to air all three PMD specials, as well as Beyond Time and Darkness, the new one that's supposed to be with the pre-orders for Explorers of Sky. It's...
  4. J

    COMPLETE: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Guess who's back! =D I've been putting this on hold because I wanted to revise this a litte, but anyway, here it is, the sequel fic to Legends of Sinnoh. This 26 chapter fic may answer any and all questions the readers may have had in the previous story, especially about Olympus and their...
  5. J

    Review S12 EP04: Dealing With Defensive Types!

    It's 9:39 PM in New York and no thread popped up?!?!?! 0_0 Anyway, this is the Canalave Gym Battle, as well as Gliscor's debut, so review away. *waits for you know who to complain about Gliscor for some random reason*
  6. J

    DP124/125 Titles

    From Pokeani. These were used in a Google translator by Durden on SPPf, so if anyone can provide a legit translation, that'd be great. =) 23 April DP124: Pokemon Ping Pong Tournament! Ambipom insists! 30 April DP125: Cherubi! Battle Bold! Again, due to the unreliability of Google...
  7. J

    New Names for Rotom Forms and Frontier Facilities (Maybe Brain names too!)

    Names haven't been revealed for the Brains, but I'll add them here once they're revealed. Anyway, here's what Serebii reported: Cut Rotom is known as Mow Rotom Spin Rotom is known as Fan Rotom All other Rotom forms keep their Japanese names The Frontier Facilities (Excluding Tower and...
  8. J

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon special to air on April 12th on Pokemon Sunday

    Serebii (and Habu) has reported that, according to Pokeani, the special will air on Pokemon Sunday on April 12th. It'll follow the plot of Grovyle and Dusknoir (as in the upcoming game) and the continuing adventures of Piplup and Chimchar. All I can say is. HELL YEAH!!!!!
  9. J

    Review S11 EP42: Doc Brock!

    Pachi falls ill and Brock is off elsewhere. It's up to Ash and Dawn to make sure everything's all right. All I can say is Gliscor pretty much made the episode. ^_^ Review/Discuss/etc...
  10. J

    Review S11 EP41: Playing The Leveling Field!

    The frenchie herself appears. And Ash wants some early victory over her. Can he do it?! Non. =P
  11. J

    Review S11 EP39: One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!

    The Summer Academy comes to a close. Huzzah! I thought it was a nice fresh breath of air, these four episodes. We certainly need more of these down the road sometime. So, opinions? Complaints?
  12. J

    Pokemon.com releases Movie 11 page

    Click here This should at least have a lot of information on the english movie. Let's see what I can discover. Release is Spring 2009 (They didn't give an exact release date) Reverse World keeps its name Glacidea is called Gracidea Mugen Graceland is called Newton Graceland Infi and...
  13. J

    Review S11 EP37: Up Close and Personable!

    We don't have one yet? 0_0 This is about the Lumineon dragging in poor pathetic souls, right? So, any opinions/whining/whathaveyou?
  14. J

    Shaymin is hinted to the US

    Go to the Pokemon.com Website. The screen will swirl for a bit and Shaymin's silhouette pops up in white. I can't see it anymore, but yeah, I saw it for a bit. Anyone else got it, or was it just me? =/ EDIT: After a couple of refreshes, it was definitely Shaymin. =)
  15. J

    COMPLETE: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13) [COMPLETE]

    My recent attempt at a trainer fic on BMG. It was up at the library before it closed down, but I figured, why not, I'll share it here. Couple of notes before I show it off. 1) This follows most of the game plot, but may stray off for character development and whatnot. Gyms and Contests will...
  16. J

    DP079 Title! Possibly the last Wallace Thread right now...

    From Sushi: As much as it pains me to say this, I can't see Dawn winning...
  17. J

    Review S10 EP47: Sandshrew's Locker! ・ EP48: Dawn's Early Night!

    This isn't up? Shame Dawn lost the appeal round. I thought something like that would get her through. Meh, I know what goes on the next contest, but she really needs to win.
  18. J

    Is it possible for a Ghost Pokemon to die?

    I know what most of you will say..... "Aren't they already dead?" =P I understand Ghost Pokemon are, basically, ghosts. But what about other Solid-ish Ghosts, like Shedinja and Sableye? I found it a little interesting. What do you think?
  19. J

    New PMD2 info....

    Here Seeing as I can't read Japanese at all, I'll just tell you things in regards to pics. Final Starter is revealed to be Skitty. Grovyle seems to play an important role in the storyline. (I call it, Assassin Grovyle! =P) A Dusknoir might be another important character it seems...
  20. J

    New Title for 7/05/07

    Basically the Pokemon verision of Home Alone Pikachu In Charge! Pikachu no rusuban! Airdate: July 5, 2007 Script: Aya Matsui Animation Director: Akihiro Tamagawa Summary: Ash and Co. decide to make a trip on a ship for tourists. They call out all of their Pokémon to show them the...