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  1. Glitchipedia

    Start Ups Pokémon VS Digimon: Digital Deathmatch

    This image was remastered from a screencap of Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version The computer screens flickered in a brilliant burst of light, and the tiny, pocket-sized devices materialized and floated into the hands of their masters. In that moment, the first three DigiDestined...
  2. Glitchipedia

    Sign Ups Pokémon VS Digimon: Digital Deathmatch

    In the recent past, a programmer and former Pokémon trainer named Andromeda Jameson creates a video game for Silph Entertainment Software as a tech demo. Based upon the Digimon franchise, the game utilizes the same principles developed for the Porygon project to permit limitless, lifelike AI...
  3. Glitchipedia

    Adapting an RP?

    For some time, I've been giving consideration to adapting a long-running RP to another medium, be it fanfiction, dōjinshi, animation, or an RPG Maker game. But there are a couple of problems. Not all of the original characters and concepts strictly belong to me, obviously. I can obtain...
  4. Glitchipedia

    [INTEREST CHECK] Pokémon VS Digimon: Digital Deathmatch

    Pokémon/Digimon crossovers have been done a lot, yes, but I've never really been satisfied with what I've seen. Here's my take on the idea. In the recent past, a programmer and ex-Pokémon trainer named Andromeda Jameson begins developing a video game for Silph Entertainment Software as a tech...
  5. Glitchipedia

    Oddity: Compatibility with the Originals?

    Assuming that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also use the Poké Transporter, does anyone else find it odd that they'll be compatible with the games they're based on, even if only indirectly?
  6. Glitchipedia

    The Dub: Non-canon, or just a separate continuity?

    Title says it all. In cases where the dub obviously deviates from the original Japanese version, do you consider these events entirely "non-canon" or just part of their own continuity? I'm not talking about things like sandwiches rolling down hills. :-p I mean actual plot or characterization...
  7. Glitchipedia


    When it comes to crossover fiction, how do you justify the multiple works meeting? In my case, I usually take the Super Smash Bros. approach, transplanting the characters to a new setting where they have always coexisted, albeit perhaps unknowingly. This does have the unfortunate drawback of...
  8. Glitchipedia

    ROGUES GALLERY: Copycat!

    For purposes unknown, the fiendish Dr. Cat has traveled to Silicon Valley, setting his sights on an experimental cloning machine which can near-instantly duplicate the body of any DNA inserted into it! Joining him are the mercenary Treme and the mad scientist Splice! Can the Detective Prince...
  9. Glitchipedia

    Do you have a "troupe" of characters?

    Which is to say, do you ever reuse the same characters in different contexts/settings? Some might dismiss this as lazy, but if you're like me and you easily get attached to your characters, organizing them into a sort of "theatre troupe" can be the way to go. My troupe currently consists of...
  10. Glitchipedia

    Retroactive Continuity

    Occasionally, a writer feels a desire to continue a story s/he had originally planned to stand on its own. To make it more interesting, events that originally meant one thing are reinterpreted to mean something that better suits the sequel's plot. This is retroactive continuity—to those in the...
  11. Glitchipedia

    Songfics and musicals. How would you handle them?

    As an amateur musician and a fan of both stage and film musicals, music plays an important part in my creative process. As such, I often find myself tempted to use the music that inspires me in my work. My question is, how would you handle this? Simply intersperse the lyrics between paragraphs...
  12. Glitchipedia

    The most popular rating?

    I've decided to be my own meddling executive and poll the focus group. Basically, when choosing a fanfic to read, do you look for a specific rating (Everyone, Teen, Mature)? Why or why not? Essentially, the idea here is to determine which of the ratings is most popular among readers. Whether...
  13. Glitchipedia

    Do you want Knight Pokémon University back?

    As any previous players still active on the forums are well aware, the complete halt in activity forced me to close the Knight Pokémon University RPG back in February. Since then, I've seen inconsistent reappearances by a few of the players, and wondered to myself if maybe there's hope of...
  14. Glitchipedia

    Knight Pokémon University is Going YouTube—Help Needed!

    The link in my signature, leading to the blog entry of the same title, doesn't seem to be catching much attention. So, I figured I should take this someplace a little more out in the open. If this is in the wrong section, move it, don't close it. From the blog entry ([boldfaced brackets] denote...
  15. Glitchipedia

    Does Geechisu look like Zero Wing villain CATS?

    Let's see....weirdly-shaped green hair, funky eyepiece thingy, sinister facial expression, pimped-out cloak.... Plot details follow in the spoiler below. If that's not CATS, I don't know what is.
  16. Glitchipedia

    There seems to be a problem with the IRC.

    I have tried to enter the chat room multiple times today, and each time, the connection could not be completed because it "timed out". I do not know if I am the only person experiencing this problem, but any help would be appreciated.
  17. Glitchipedia

    The JavaChat window will not open.

    For some reason, I cannot open the JavaChat window. I have never had this problem before today—hell, it was working fine yesterday. Why is this happening? And has this happened to anyone else, or is it just me?
  18. Glitchipedia

    If YOU Were Making a Live-Action Pokémon Movie (Series?)

    The most recent thread I could find on this subject is two months old, so I made a new one. I do realize that this topic has gotten very old, very fast, but if people would just enjoy the ride instead of taking it so seriously, it could be fun, ne? On that note, please realize that this thread...
  19. Glitchipedia

    What group/artist would you like to hear perform Pokémon music?

    In all honesty, I think the battle themes would sound absolutely epic in the hands of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Very few groups besides that one can properly mix a traditional orchestra with a rock band. Other themes, like Goldenrod City's theme, would sound nice if performed by the London...
  20. Glitchipedia

    "Link Another User's Account"?

    What exactly is the purpose of this feature? Is it to merge two accounts into one? Simply to identify oneself as having more than one account simultaneously? And while we're at it, what would be the purpose of having more than one account, aside from aesthetics (such as Westmyn)?