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  1. Dragonite Postal Service

    The Game Is Out, Time To Discuss

    So it's been out for more than 12 hours here in Aus (we had a mightnight launch in Sydney) so many people are already paying the game. What are your impressions so far?
  2. Dragonite Postal Service

    Pokemon Amiibo Photography

    Hi All, I have a few photos of my Pokemon Amiibo I’d like to share. Here is the first shot Butterflies by Daniel Lee
  3. Dragonite Postal Service

    Anyone Else Hoping for DexNav/Sneaking’s Return?

    In LGPE I really loved how Pokemon actually appeared and walked around, I seen this a big step forward. Considering this has now been removed, it would make sense to put DexNav back in. What are the chances of this happening and who else expects to see it return? EDIT: After doing proper...
  4. Dragonite Postal Service

    Gen VIII LF Scyther for Pinsir

    Hello! I’m not looking for anything with special IV’s or shiny, just a plain old Scyther to trade with my Pinsir as I have LGE. Let me know if you’re interested :giggle:
  5. Dragonite Postal Service

    Will trading be good in LGPE?

    I am personally expecting trading to be fun again for those who get these games. If you are wondering why I expect this, the start of Gen 6 is my reason. When Gen 6 started, Pokemon Bank wasn't compatible with X & Y (IIRC) so the only Pokemon you could trade, was those that were caught in...
  6. Dragonite Postal Service

    Will we FINALLY get difficultly levels in Gen 8?

    With Pokémon now heading to the switch, what are the chances of us getting proper difficultly levels in the 2019 game? I know they were included in BW but not from the start. They also have more potential than what was utilized in BW. Any speculation on how they could affect the games?
  7. Dragonite Postal Service

    Pokemon For Rent?

    In the Pokemon world, do you think there would be places that rent out Pokemon? For example, you are a construction worker and have a really huge job coming up so need more help. You could rent a few Machamp and Rhydon to help get the job done faster. Or one of your Pokemon is injured and you...
  8. Dragonite Postal Service

    Empty Region Space

    Many of you may be familiar with how the first four regions are placed (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn & Sinnoh) so if you see a giant world map of these (try googling "Pokemon World Map), you'll notice there's a lot of space between them. I always liked that all these regions are so close together and...
  9. Dragonite Postal Service

    Letting Yourself Get Attached

    Clemont, Bonnie and Serena (ESPECIALLY Serena) are probably my favorite companions since the original trio but there's a slight problem. I find myself reluctant to really get into XY and its characters purely because I know there are going to be replaced at the start of the next gen (I know it's...
  10. Dragonite Postal Service

    Changing Battle Reuirements

    With Sky Battles being introduced in Gen VI and being only open to flying type Pokemon, it created a inconsistency of sorts within the game. As We know only flying types are able to compete in Sky battles yet any Pokemon is able to battle while using Dive or even Surf. Does everyone think it...
  11. Dragonite Postal Service

    GEN VI: Light Ball needed

    I have all 3 Kalos starters, I also have Unova, Hoenn and Kanto starters. All I need in return is a light ball, I'm not concerned with what Pokemon I'm traded.
  12. Dragonite Postal Service

    Ash's Issue Revisited

    Very early in the series there was the whole dilemma of having Pikachu evolve into Raichu which Ash decided against. With Mega evolutions being a main part of XY, what if a Mega evolution was announced for Raichu? Since Korrina's strong Mega Lucario is being featured in upcoming anime episodes...
  13. Dragonite Postal Service

    Inventions or evaluations?

    If you had to choose one, which do you prefer? Cilan's evaluations or Clemont's inventions. I was never a fan of Cilan so I found his evaluations boring but Clemont's inventions can be pretty good so I would definitely prefer them!
  14. Dragonite Postal Service

    Travel companions

    Now with XY being not far into it's first season, I can't help but wish they would just put more effort in with developing characters and keep them as Ash's permanent traveling companions instead of constantly switching them. In my perfect scenario they would have kept Misty/May/Dawn, but I...
  15. Dragonite Postal Service

    Elite Four or Top 16?

    Which would you rather for the ending of each game? A top 16 as your final battle then getting to face the elite four and champion as post game content or just keep things the way they are which is only facing the elite four and champion. I loved the PWT from B2/W2 so I would love to have...
  16. Dragonite Postal Service

    Re-entering A Confrence

    One thing I've always wondering is if you entered the Lily Of The Valley conference for example and you got eliminated in the top 16, would you be able to enter the Confrence again the following year or not? If so would you have to recollect all the badges? Sorry if this topic has already...
  17. Dragonite Postal Service

    Would You Release Your Pokemon?

    If you where a Pokemon trainer and you ended up in a situation like Ash often is with his Pokemon (Lapras, Butterfree, Pidgeot etc.), would you release your Pokemon just to make it happy or keep it with you since you need it/don't want to lose it?
  18. Dragonite Postal Service

    Small Changes

    What are some small changes you would of made if you had a say concerning the past few games? I know there's many big changes that people want such as a full 3D environment but what relatively small things that may have been included before or seem easy to make do you feel should be added to the...
  19. Dragonite Postal Service

    Which Would You Prefer?

    For each game would you prefer the region map to be more detailed (each city is larger and small towms from the anime such as Village Of Dragons are included) or the regions to be the same way they are now but more than one region is included in the game just like HGSS? For me I'd rather the...
  20. Dragonite Postal Service

    Travelling To A New Region

    If you compete in your current regions league and wanted to travel to another region (from Kanto To Johto for example) would you start off fresh with all new Pokemon or keep the same team no matter which region you travel to? Personally I would rather keep the same team and just catch other...