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  1. Kelleo

    A Theory: The Starters and Dog are the Keys to the Four Guardians

    Yeah, I really believe this is going to be the case. It makes complete sense to me after thinking about it a little. We saw in the E3 footage of Sun and Moon that each of Alola's four islands has a guardian deity, the one for the island you start on being Tapu Koko. I don't know a word of...
  2. Kelleo

    Possible names for Sinnoh remakes?

    So, Sinnoh remakes are probably still a few years away or so, but it doesn't hurt to start wondering about them, especially if you're a big Sinnoh fan like me! And people have also been speculating the name of XY's anticipated followup/sequel/whichever. What do you think the Sinnoh remakes...
  3. Kelleo

    Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Concert!

    I wasn't sure exactly where to put this thread, so mods, feel free to move it if you feel it necessary. :P Anyway, the latest showing happened last night in Raleigh, NC! Were any other fans here attending like I was? :D I was the short girl with the Flareon hat, braids, and gen 5 t-shirt...
  4. Kelleo

    GEN VI: Female Flash Fire Ponyta with at least a couple max IVs

    Okay, so OMFG I managed to find a max attack and speed IV male Ponyta with Morning Sun. I want a Ponyta with Morning Sun and max attack and speed IVs. It also has a max defense IV. But it has the wrong ability. I want Flash Fire, not Run Away. Run Away is useless except in wild Pokemon...
  5. Kelleo

    GEN VI: Female Hidden Ability Buneary with at least a perfect attack IV

    I want a good Lopunny for my team, cause I love Lopunny and I like its hidden ability Limber too. I mean, immunity to paralysis is pretty nice! I also plan to give it its Mega Stone, but I don't always Mega Evolve, as sometimes it's better not to. Anyway, I caught a male Buneary with...
  6. Kelleo

    What's with all the adbots?

    I swear that I see at least one or two show up on the forum every day and it's kind of irritating. Doesn't Bulbagarden have some kind of test thing that someone has to go through when making an account? You know, like those things where you have to type in what you see in the box? Those are...
  7. Kelleo

    MATURE: Kelleo's Fire Emblem: Awakening Stories

    So, I started this little series around a year and a half ago, and I thought it was about time I posted it here too. :) So far, it has two completed stories and is slated to get a third. A fourth will likely join it as well so a certain OC can debut there. I had also written a oneshot...
  8. Kelleo

    Music that just happens to fit your characters?

    So, I had started recording my singing again after not doing so in a long time (because I wanted to improve it first), and it got me thinking about how my friend showed me some music awhile back that he thought fit one of his characters. I then started thinking about what music would just so...
  9. Kelleo

    TEEN: A Drastic Change

    So guys, while we're still waiting for me to update FE: Dawn of Darkness and Zelda: The Ancient Power, I've got a new oneshot! ^^ This story is for a fandom I hadn't yet written for too: Super Smash Bros.! It's in celebration of a certain character's return to the roster. <3 I hope you enjoy...
  10. Kelleo

    Randomly taken back to the Main Page

    Okay, this has been going on for awhile, but like every five minutes, after I go to a thread or forum section, the site just randomly takes me back to the main forum page. I don't hit the back button or anything. This is really annoying, so I wish to figure out what the problem is. :/
  11. Kelleo

    Team Advice Thread

    I didn't see a thread like this anywhere in the X/Y section and I could use some help myself, so here we go. I've done a few battles online, but I've lost most of them. I'm not a competitive battler, so I only battle other people that are casual players. I wouldn't mind doing competitive...
  12. Kelleo

    Pokemon The Series: XY One Hour Preview (Dub)

    This came on right after Genesect: The Legend Awakened! Who also watched it on Cartoon Network? It was AWESOME! I think I'm gonna love the XY series. :D Bonnie is adorable, Clemont is hilarious (and his robotic backpack thing isn't nearly as stupid as I originally thought it would be), but...
  13. Kelleo

    Electirizer, Meloetta

    So, I've traded myself an Elekid from my White 2 to my Black 2 since I'm working on the Pokedex in the latter. But I need an Electirizer to be able to evolve it to an Electivire later. I know I can get one in White 2, but that's just it, I can only get one, which means I'd be making this...
  14. Kelleo

    Concepts you find difficult to write?

    So in response to that thread about having difficulty writing battles, I got the idea to make this thread for other concepts we have difficulty writing, for any fandom or original story. For me, I find doing dungeons in a Legend of Zelda story to be really hard at times. I mean, I can come...
  15. Kelleo

    Looker should be a recurring character in every region! Yay or nay?

    So, if you've played Platinum or gen 5 or watch the anime for either one of those, you might remember Looker. Ever since he made his debut in Platinum, he's always been going after the antagonistic teams. I think he's awesome, especially in the anime (beating the shit out of two Galactic...
  16. Kelleo

    Birthday Pokemon Types!

    So, I came across this image just a little while ago, which is like a Pokemon type horoscope thing. Find your birth month for your primary type and the day for your secondary type! Which type or types are you? If your birth month type happens to be the same as the type on the day, then...
  17. Kelleo

    Your favorite self-created OC(s)?

    So, I'm sure lots of us have created an original character or three for our stories. Obviously, they'd also be original if you're doing a completely original story and not a fanfic. I've created a lot of them myself, mainly because my Fire Emblem fic has almost a completely original cast of...
  18. Kelleo

    X and Y Cover Art

    So we also got to see the cover art for the English versions of X and Y! What do we all think of them? Which is your favorite? I like both a lot, but I especially love the one for X! The blue colors are so beautiful! I've always been a fan of most shades of blue though lol. But I'm...
  19. Kelleo

    The Dukane Region

    So, awhile back, I came up with an idea I thought would be cool for another Pokemon region, but never really went beyond the name, theme, and real-world location it's based on. Recently, however, I decided to put some more work into it. It's called the Dukane Region. I decided to make this...
  20. Kelleo

    I wonder about Virgil's Eevee...

    So, while watching the episodes featuring Virgil, I had a thought. Well, more like a theory. Virgil already has seven Eeveelutions as well as an unevolved Eevee. And recently, we were shown a new eighth Eeveelution, Sylveon. Could the writers be planning to have Virgil's Eevee evolve into a...