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  1. jokool

    Is this a legitimate giveaway?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but it is related to Sword and Shield in a way. I was looking around Bulbapedia, and this giveaway kept popping up like a pop up ad on my mobile device: Win a copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield! The reason why I'm wondering if it's legitimate is...
  2. jokool

    A few problems.

    So yeah, not sure what's going on. Unless I missed some announcement about a big change to this site, I can't seem to find the blogs, mentions and quotes don't seem to be working, sticky threads aren't separated from other threads, the social groups don't show up at the bottom of the main page...
  3. jokool

    Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! All Star Monster Mafia ~ ENDGAME ~ TOWN WINS ~ 6/5/2013

    In a remote part of the Duel Monster's world, a small group of monsters gather to discuss a plan. 'I agree that it's time we did something like this!' 'Indeed! Those other monsters have dominated this world for too long!' 'But how do we do it? This idea is good, but it won't be easy to...
  4. jokool

    Couldn't find Melloetta at my Gamestop....

    Yeah, just like the last time Gamestop had an event (Keldeo), I couldn't get Melloetta, so, I'm looking for one here. Anyone who has an extra Gamestop Melloetta, or any legit Meloetta, make me an offer! I can offer in return something from my collection that includes: A few extra event Pokémon...
  5. jokool

    Mafia Bleach Mafia ~ ENDGAME ~ 12/6/12 ~ Soul Society and Elysion have won!

    Credit to Caprizant; for the awesome banner! There is turmoil in Soul Society. With the recent betrayal of Sōsuke Aizen and two other Captains of the Gotei 13, the remaining Captains prepare for what lies ahead. What is ahead is complete...
  6. jokool

    Need an event Keldeo

    So I went to my Gamestop earlier today.... THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE KELDEO EVENT!!! :bawl: Anyone have an extra one? I have a few other event Pokemon and some shiny Pokemon that I can trade for it. Maybe I should also mention that I can breed almost any Pokemon you need?
  7. jokool

    Sidebar (or whatever it's called) issue.

    Okay, I like seeing the sidebar thing when you load up the main page (like seeing the latest post from BNN), but having it in the other sections (like the social group section), it's created a 'glitch:' I'm not sure if this is for everyone, or it's just me, but when you first load up the main...
  8. jokool

    Changing my username back.

    Hey, I changed my username yesterday as part of a joke that happened, but the joke's gotten old, so I want to change my username back to jokool. Can someone help?
  9. jokool

    Count via Pokemon until a mod post!

    Now that counting games are allowed, I thought I'd try an idea I have for one out: COUNT VIA POKEMON UNTIL A MOD POST! Okay, here's how it works: Simply post the name of a Pokemon based on their national Pokedex number. Example: Just a few more rules: Posting the actual number of the...
  10. jokool

    Your opinion or the ice covering Unova in the CoroCoro leak.

    Okay, thought this would be interesting topic to discuss. With the recent CoroCoro leaks showing ice covering Unova in BW2, many are wondering: Is this is just a way of hiding the rest of the region for now, or is Unova really covered in ice? What do you think?
  11. jokool

    jokool's anime and manga drawings

    Hey everyone! For a while now, I've been wanting to be a anime and (or) manga artists/writer. I've done some anime/manga style drawings and I thought I'd start showing them off! Most of my work is from my own ideas, but I've also done (and plan on doing more) Pokemon art. In fact, I'm writing...
  12. jokool

    Rate the funny video above you.

    Thought this would be fun! All you have to do is post a funny video (any video online that makes you LOL, ROTFL, or :lol:) and rate the video above you on a scale of 1 to 10 of how hard you laughed when you saw it (1 meaning :-| and 10 meaning :lol:). Okay! Here's the first video: I've...
  13. jokool

    Guess What's In My Box!

    Simple: I have a box. I don't know what's in the box..... But the person below does! Here's how it works: 1st poster: What's in my box? 2nd poster: There's an annoying orange in your box! What's in my box? 3rd poster: There's a ninja Pikachu in your box! What's in my box? Etc. Etc. And...
  14. jokool

    What do you want in Pokemon Grey?

    Thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about. In every generation, there has been a third game to go along with the previous two (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum). This generation should not be any different. This thread is about what you'd want to see in the third game...
  15. jokool

    Who's the hottest villain in Pokemon?

    Just like the "Hottest Gym Leader" thread, but with Pokemon villains (like members of Team Rocket, Plasma, or any other villainous team). For me, it's Shelly from Team Aqua. (I have a thing for redheads)
  16. jokool


    Have you ever had that moment? Like when you run into a rare Pokemon and for some reason, you can't catch it, or you accidentally KO it? Or when you think you're about to finally beat that gym leader you've been struggling with for soooooo long..... And they somehow KO your last Pokemon? Or...
  17. jokool

    Trade Center help!

    Um..... Have I been blocked from the trade center or am I not the only one who isn't being allowed to post there right now?
  18. jokool

    Should Hoenn be a side quest in generation 6?

    Interesting question I thought about today. Think about it: Having Hoenn like Kanto in generation 2...... Yeah, that doesn't sound too great, but it could work.
  19. jokool

    Just a couple of questions.

    First, how do I change what it says over here--------v <--------------------------------------------------- (the registered user part) I want it to say something different. I've seen other people with something different besides "Registered User" there, so I know it's possible. And my...