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    Shiny Pokemon Trade-away

    Me and my friend have been breeding HARDCORE for the past couple of months, and we've come across some shinies. We have no particular need for them and I'm going to trade them away. All of them are UT, so don't worry. No nicknames because I'm trading them and I cannot nickname his and please...
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    How do you go about destroying the Battle Subway?

    I have been wondering what other people do to beat the Battle Subway. I use my walls to stall out the opponent, or sometimes I use my powerhouses to demolish everything. What do you do?
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    Looking for 6 various Pokemon

    I'm looking for Cacnea, Bulbasaur, Scyther, Ledyba, Gligar, and Skorupi. I would like them all at once, and in return I will trade one of my fully EV'd LV 100 Gliscor with its DW ability Poison Heal holding the Toxic Orb and 5 fodder Pokemon.
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    GEN V BATTLE: UU Match

    Hello. I'm looking for anyone who wants to battle me with a UU team. LV 100 battle, 6 Pokemon per team, single match(1 v 1). Please post FC. My FC for White is 0647 9243 1966
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    Favorite Frontier Facility?

    I would like to know what your favorite frontier facility is and why. Ex: Battle Hall, Battle Arcade, etc. Mine would have two be the Battle Hall because of the ways to get through the battles. I like it because you can switch your set to match the type you are facing ten times.