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  1. Karisse

    Member Gallery Issue

    Yeah...whenever I try to view a picture in the member galleries, it automatically logs me out of the forums when I arrive on the page. What's causing this? How could I fix this? Any help would be appreciated...
  2. Karisse

    A Summer in Hoenn

    16-year-old Kyle awoke at precisely 7 AM, with the help of his alarm clock of course. He got up and hopped in the shower right away. When he came out of the shower, he put on his black pants and yellow short-sleeve shirt, the latter of which featured a single chest pocket. Then, he combed his...
  3. Karisse

    Profile customization and random log-outs

    So, I've had a few annoying issues since the update. Can't customize profile Yeah. I change all the colors and stuff around, and when I hit "Save," it tells me I don't have permission to save the changes! :/ Logging out So I get a high score on Asteroids in about...5 minutes, 10 at MOST...
  4. Karisse


    So I know the Weepinbell is the multi-quote button, but whenever I click it next to a couple of posts and go to reply, the quotes don't show up. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Karisse

    Ditto Everstone Question

    I read in a guide somewhere that if I want to pass on a nature when Ditto-breeding, even if the other Pokemon is a female, I should still have the Ditto hold the Everstone. Is this true? Help is much appreciated. :-)
  6. Karisse

    Oh, Mismagius...

    So as I was ascending Mt. Silver to fight Red, I caught a Lv45 female Misdreavus in a Quick Ball. After I beat Red, I checked my PC to find that the Misdreavus had a Timid nature! Woot! So I EV trained it, evolved it and when I got it to Lv83, I decided to check its IVs... HP: 29 Atk: 11...
  7. Karisse


    I'm HypersonicYanmega, and this is the first Pokemon forum I've been to, ever. I have too many favorite Pokemon; I can't just pick one. If I did have to pick one, I'd probably go with Shiny Ninetales. I like coming up with new Pokemon ideas, but I don't have the artistic skills to draw them...