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    GEN VI: LF: Foreign Language Pumpkaboos FT: 300+ Events

    I am looking for Pumpkaboos with the OT's: Grusel 2014, Horreur 2014, Tenebre 2014, and Tétrico 2014. In return I can offer over 300 events from my shop: including pokemon like wonderland darkrai, korean wishing star jirachi, tanabata jirachi, minato mirai pikachus, world aegislash, taiwan...
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    GEN VI: Vivillons for Unowns

    I just need a couple more unowns to complete my collection. I need: Unown I, K, L, M, W, Y, Z In return I can give you any pattern of vivillon for each one you can offer me. For 3 of them I can offer a shiny Vivillon. You can choose from Archipelago, Continental, Icy snow, Sandstorm...
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    Plats Pokemon Emporium (Events, Shinies, Breeding Leftovers and More)

    Come one come all to the one stop shop that has a little bit of everything to help you be the best trainer you can be. I’m looking primarily for events that I don’t already have in all of their variations, but I’ll consider whatever you got as long as it is interesting. - Shop Rules Events...
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    GEN VI: LF: German Gamestop Charizard

    I have a large amount of things I can offer for this including World 14 Aegislash, Shiny Tanabata Jirachi (4 different natures), Diancie, PacificCo Pikachu, a slightly touched Wonderland Darkrai and more. If events aren't your thing I have several shiny legendaries and other shiny pokemon that...
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    GEN VI: Event Heracross for my Event Pinsir

    Simple enough. I don't have X, and if you don't have Y we can help each other out.
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    Events for Events

    I have decided recently that I want to collect more event pokemon so why not start here. I'm not just looking for event legendaries, as long as it was distributed it can be a pikachu or a geodude and i'm interested. I'm also interested in the same event legendaries I have, provided they are from...
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    GEN VI: Looking For Tanabata Jirachi

    I have a lot of misc things I can give away for one including the standard carousel of every non-event legendary under the sun. Some things i'm willing to part with (all caught myself legitimate, uncloned and that stuff): Shiny Dwebble Shiny Ferroseed Shiny Gamestop Pichu Meloetta Keldeo If...
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    GEN VI: Extreme Speed Dratini and Hyper Voice Eevee

    I have already transferred over most of my gen 5 mons from pokebank without using the move tutor so I would appreciate if someone would help me get these tutor and egg moves so I can use them on Wifi battles. For the dratini, I don't really care about ivs or nature since last time I checked...
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    GEN VI: Modest Synchornize Abra

    I need it for friend safari shenanigans. I can offer Y exclusives, pokerus, or whatever.
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    Looking for Power Bracer and Power Anklet

    Looking to do some breeding and I need these to help get a Weavile I can be proud of. Can offer every breedable pokemon, pokerus, or an item in exchange.
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    Need Raikou and Entei tradebacks to complete National Dex

    I have every non event pokemon except Raikou and Entei and desperately need their dex entries to get the shiny charm. If someone would help me get the two I would be grateful. I can offer items or a tradeback of any pokemon you might need for dex entry for the two. If you want to trade away...
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    Looking to trade a Jirachi

    I have a level 5 Jirachi up for trade. I am looking for uncloned event legendaries; shaymin, darkrai, arceus in particular. Hit me up if interested.
  13. P


    Need a Registeel in white two to fight regigigas. I wouldn't mind a tradeback situation but if you want to trade it permanently I can offer a ho-oh, lugia, giratina, suicune, staters, pokerus, or a battle item or two.
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    Looking for Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Latios

    I can offer in return starters from other gens: namely Torchic, Squirtle, Turtwig, Snivy, Treecko, Chickorita, Tepig, Oshawott, and Mudkip Can also offer Pokerus on any of these if you want it. Edit: No longer need the Latios or Charmander. Just the bulbasaur now.