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    GEN VI: shiny male slakoth with perfect ivs

    Happy New year guys :evil: I was wondering if anyone has an shiny male slakoth (nicknamed Caesar) with perfect or almost perfect ivs for trade. I have a couple of decent pokemon I can trade including some shines. Thanks.
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    GEN VI: Foreign Protean Frog

    I need a hidden ability froakie, frogalider, or greninja that is foreign because I want to make a shiny out of it. i have Pokemon Y so i could lend a dex filler. I dont know what you might want, but i could have it. I am from USA
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    Friend Safari Codes

    I thought about making a thread where we can share our friend codes for friend safari. My friend code is 1633-5000-2671
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    Best E4 entrance

    I beat pokemon Y recently and i like the intros to each one of them. I think the best one is the Flood Chamber. What do you think is the best one out of the Dragonmark, Ironworks, Blazing, Flood, and "Radiant" chambers?
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    Foreign Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash

    I was attempting to get a shiny honedge but i was to try the masuda effect to get it and i dont have a foreign one. I have a couple of stuff i can give, including some pokerus.
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    Ditto to borrow

    I need to make two quick females so that i can breed the pokemon i have. i can let you hold any thing that can fill your pokedex.
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    Lucario, aegislash, or goodra

    I like lucario because he is very reliable plus his mega evolution. I like aegislash because of its form switch. I like goodra because of its stats (I want a gooey one). My team is a noivern, sylveon, greninja, blaziken, venusaur, and a empty slot for someone.
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    A couple of honedges to trade/ give away

    I was locked out of my house for 6 hours so i used so time to try and get a shiny honedge from breeding but i didnt get it.... They are never touched and i just hatched them. I will put hatch area and what nature came out of it. Route 7 Camphrier Town Lumiose City Santalune City Route...
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    Gooey Goomy

    I would like to have one for my team.. I have some items i can trade for it.
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    GEN VI: Adamant Honedge

    I want a male adamant honedge, It would very great that its nickname would be éxcaliber. I got a couple of pokemon. I have pokerus. My friend code is in my signature. *Would Be GREAT if it was shiny*
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    Abra With Pokerus

    i have an abra on level 12? Its a male, It only knows teleport. My friend code is1633-5000-2671
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    quick 3v3 battle

    I need a battle to test 3 of my pokemons strength. my friend code is in the signature and i use pokemon black.
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    Would someone give a black rayquaza

    I need one. its one of my favorites. it can be legit. it also can be hacked but i dont want it to mess up my game. tell me what you want and i could give it to you. :bounce:
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    DW Metang/Metagross

    This is a lvl 44 metang that evolves on the next level. its pretty good and comes with a random free item.
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    I need these pokemons

    here is a list of pokemon that i need. 1.Adamant or Docile Rufflet 2.Impostor Ditto 3.Contrary Shuckle 4.Spiritomb 5.Duck 6.Drizzle politoed or (shiny) ninetales with drought 7._____
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    Best generation storyline

    My favorite story line is hoenn's storyline. it seemed more original(compared to kanto) Whats your favorite Storyline?
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    Wanted: Larvitar

    Does anyone have a larvitar boy they could trade me? If there is any pokemon u want in particular let me know.
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    Random pokemon in my pc

    i am trading random pokemon from my pc. you can give me almost about anything for a random pokemon i have.
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    I need masterballs

    I need masterballs so i can catch cressila and pokemon i cant catch .
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    Offering lake trio *except mesprit

    i am offering Uxie and Azelf. im looking for a legendary thats not avaiable in diamond or some certain pokemon. Uxie-lvl 50 *defence* brave nature levitate Acuity cavern Azelf-lvl 50 *attack* Hasty nature levitate Valor cavern any offers? :party: