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    I am new here (I just joined) but I always go on Bulbapedia do get some Pokemon facts. Ive been playing Pokemon since D/P came out and Bulbapedia has been my main source of information and like I said I am new here so I am not familiar with this place.
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    Pokemon team

    I want to add a Blissey on my team because it would be a special defensive wall but all my Pokemon are good so I don't know which one to replace or just not replace at all. My team [email protected] Inscense Ability: Torrent -Waterfall - Surf - Megahorn - Ice Beam [email protected] Belt...
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    Which 6 gen starter do you think is the best?

    I just want to know your thoughts on which starter do you think is the best so far, Fenekken Froakie or Chespin.