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    WISHMKR Jirachi Giveaway

    I would like a jirachi please My friend code is 163350002671
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    GEN VI: shiny male slakoth with perfect ivs

    Happy New year guys :evil: I was wondering if anyone has an shiny male slakoth (nicknamed Caesar) with perfect or almost perfect ivs for trade. I have a couple of decent pokemon I can trade including some shines. Thanks.
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    What type would the user above be?

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    Random Images V2

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    FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    Oh Ok. Thanks
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    FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    Re: I need help in Explorers of Time Im playing explorers of time and north american
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    FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    I need help in Explorers of Time Well, i was playing mystery dungeon then i saw a lone sandshrew, it was just like all the other sandshrew i saw, but with steroids. It uses rollout and knocks me out in 3 hits. I need help getting saved. The password for the SOS mail is: &+7=11 +H624& X5PXSS...
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    Random Images V2

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    What type would the user above be?

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    GEN VI: Foreign Protean Frog

    Yep, it was a good addition