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    GEN VI: Y me!

    looking for Y exclusive mega stones; Aggronite, Charizadite Y, Mewtwonite Y, and Heracronite. Offering the following shinies in return: Swirlix (with whipped dream), Zigzagoon, Starmie, butterfree, Cottonee, Raichu, Nidoking, Skrelp, Aromatisse, Clawitzer, Ralts, Vivillon(sandstorm), Altaria...
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    GEN VI: shiny babies

    need last 3 shinies for my shiny dex! elekid, smoochum and mantyke. I can offer the following shinies in exchange: lugia, swirlix with whipped dream, starmie, combee, ralts, cottonee, caluncher, seaking, gyarados, zigzagoon, ralts, tornadus. pm me pls:)
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    my little ponies

    for sure, I can trade now if ud like
  4. F

    my little ponies

  5. F

    my little ponies

    I triggered the event in white 2, then transferred them over to X :p, all the same, OT. SMR 2012, modest nature, don't know anything about iv's, that's just the stats? anyways I like shinies and if anyone wants keldeo lemme know, pokemon bank and transporter takes them
  6. F

    my little ponies

    ive got a box full of event keldeos, looking for any shinies, legends, or mega stones. pm me:)
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    GEN VI: Friend safaris please!

    Steel safari here:), added u already
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    GEN VI: y stones

    looking for mewtwonite Y, charizardite Y, heracronite, and aggronite. im offering keldeo, jirachi, shiny moltres, shiny gyarados, plus I have some spare legends. pm me if interested:)
  9. F


    I have a few event keldeos, im looking for aggronite, heracronite, mewtwonite Y, and charizardite Y, pm me offers:), preferably attached to shinies but not a necessity; first come first serve
  10. F

    Tons of shinies

    that's a lot of shinies0_o, ive got one box of them and I thought that was impressive. can i add ur fc's? pls add mine:D
  11. F

    Shiny non-event Rayquaza

    I have no idea....its affecting my gts too, im connected to the internet, im trying to figure out if its my wifi
  12. F

    Shiny non-event Rayquaza

    im trying to trade with someone else right now too, but I keep getting some stupid error... ill hold the uxie for u until this gets fixed:D
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    Shiny Hypno

    oh hey, I didn't know u had another thread, I left an offer of legendaries for ur hypno in ur 'kanto starter' thread, I ve transferred a few legends from my old games, I can offer one of those if ud like
  14. F

    GEN VI: Kanto Starter

    if ur ever interested in trading away ur shiny hypno, I have lots of extra legends, id be willing to trade one for it, I like shinies:D
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    Shiny non-event Rayquaza

    ive got shiny moltres and shiny raikou too
  16. F

    Shiny non-event Rayquaza

    I can offer u any of the regis or the lake guardians, lve got a shiny uxie if that interests you
  17. F

    GEN VI: y mega stones

    that's fine, adding u now, thx
  18. F

    GEN VI: y mega stones

    sure, houndoomite for milotic good?
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    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    my wondertrade, perfect iv, totally badass, yet to lose a fight pidgeot.....is named toothpaste...so cruel...and I named my bronzong dingaling cuz I though it was funny
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    The Bragging Thread!

    ive got every pokemon now, legit too, and thx to pokemon bank, I have almost 3 full boxes of extra legends from all my old games, plus ive got a full box of shinies, all 18 vivillon patterns, all my lv100 starters from my old games, grand duke at the battle chateau, and im currently making my...