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    4-5IV breeding leftovers giveaway/trade

    i got all these leftovers taking up boxes, so im giving them away. if anybody wants any of them feel free to ask. if you want to give back something in exchange it will be appreciated. mostly looking for pokes with good Hidden Power types (e.g. magnemite with HP fire) 20 Porygon. modest...
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    GEN VI: i need someone with a foreign game (non english) to breed me a pokemon

    i need someone to breed me a foreign 6IV charmander. i can provide you with two 6IV charmanders (male and female) and you can keep them as long as you breed one with 6IV in your game and give it to me for MMing.
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    GEN VI: HA karrablast, omanyte; egg moves: sneasel, meditite; slakoth

    im looking for a karrablast or an omanyte with hidden abilities. also for a meditite with drain punch/psycho cut/bullet punch/fake out and a sneasel with ice punch and icicle crash. and a slakoth for pokedex. i have 4-5 ivs pokes to trade including: lapras(freeze dry, ancient power, dragon...
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    GEN VI: HA omanyte/lilleep/tentacool

    im looking for those pokes with hidden abillities, i have iv bred HA treecko, HA venonat (with baton pass), HA drilbur, Lotad(with giga drain, leech seed), Lapras (freeze dry, ancient power, dragon pulse), HA bulbasaur (giga drain) and a lot of HA charmanders (dragon pulse/dance,flare...
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    giveaway: 4-5 iv timid charmanders with egg moves; some breeding leftovers for trade

    so i've been masuda method-ing for a shiny one (no succes yet) and in the process i made a lot of 4-5 ivs charmanders (even a couple with 6 ivs but im not giving those for free) so if you want one just ask and i'll give it. all of them timid nature with Dragon Pulse, Flare Blitz, Dragon Dance...
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    GEN VI: Japanese/Spanish/German/French Female Charmander 4-5 IV

    i need a female for masuda method a shiny one, so please if you have one i can give you a shiny greninja a milotic a HA cottonee 4-5 iv: Bulbasaur (with HA) Venonat (with Baton pass) Lapras (with egg moves) Lotad (with egg moves) Treecko (with HA) Drilbur (with HA)
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    GEN VI: LF a non-english female charmander (or evos) with good IVs

    i need a female charmander with 4 or 5 or 6 IVs (with 31 in SpAtk and Speed) for masuda methoding a shiny one, i can offer: -savanna vivillons -a shiny greninja -charmander, lapras, lotad, scraggy, bulbasaur, treecko with 4-5 IV and egg moves -HA cottonee, treecko, chimchar -Porygon...
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    GEN VI: Wanting Power Items

    i'm looking for the power items for HP., Atk, Def and Sp. Def i can offer pokes with 3-4 IV: timid and jolly charmanders (with dragon pulse/dance) bulbasaurs (with giga drain) lotads (with giga drain and leech seed) lapras (with dragon pulse and freeze dry) scraggy (with dragon dance)...
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    4IV Charmanders Timid/Jolly and a 5IV

    so i got the following all male except where noted Timid, Solar Power 31/x/31/x/31/31 Timid, Solar Power 31/31/x/x/31/31 (with dragon dance and dragon pulse) Timid, Blaze 31/x/31/31/31/x (with DD and DP) Timid, Blaze 31/31/x/31/x/31 (with dd and dp) Timid, Blaze x/x/31/31/31/31 Timid, Solar...
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    GEN VI: LF:Charizardite Y and other Y exclusive megastones

    i dont want to trade my own megastones as i want to have them all, but i can offer 3-5 IV bred mons (may take some time to breed with 5IV) including : Aerodactyl Beldum Charmander Chespin (with Bulletproof) Elekid with the elemental punches Fennekin (with Magician) Froakie (with...