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  1. Lysson

    Lysson's Bazaar (IVs, Items, Shinies, Form Collections, Ect)

    Welcome to Lysson’s Bazaar! Everything listed is ready to trade! Notes: -This is my Gen 6 shop -If I don't have it listed I may have it regardless or can easily get it - Reject Café’s Pokemon are free - Everything can come with Pokerus if requested - Trades are made void if they are not...
  2. Lysson

    Theory: Gen VI is in two parts (read first post)

    Once I completed XY it felt somewhat incomplete, the major thing that I felt missing was a sub legendary trio which then got me thinking. The evidence: -Zygarde. In most main series games after the climax happens, nature shifts.And what legendary Pokemon loves the ecosystem? In ORAS this was...
  3. Lysson

    IDEA: Enable the shipping subforum to display more/all threads

    I noticed that with the shipping subforum under 'normal threads' it only ever displays the top 5 recent threads. You can, of course, access every open thread but that requires looking up the ship's thread. I think if more normal shipping threads were to be displayed the shipping subforum...
  4. Lysson

    Help needed in regards to the XY and ORAS Battle Maison

    Hello! I'm still pretty new to the competitive battling grounds so I need some help if that's ok! First off is I'm trying to get my favourite Pokemon, Lucario, to achieve all ribbons available since XY but there is one I will struggle to get, the Expert Battler Ribbon where I have to beat a...
  5. Lysson

    GEN VI: LF: Landorus-Therian COMPLETED

    Hello! I'm looking for a Landorus-Therian but it must have an Adamant nature and 31/31/31/x/31/31 spread IVs. I accept it even if it's RNGed, genned or cloned (just tell me though). Offering: -anything from this thread...
  6. Lysson

    Erza's Bazaar! 5IVs, 6IVs, legends, events, shinies and items. Updated 05/10

    Formally known as 'Pinkie's 5IV and 6Iv shop!' Hello my dears and welcome! Here I only offer simply the best I can in competitive breed 5IV-6IV Pokemon! also offer shinies, legends, events and items! (events coming soon) Coming soon: Whatever I get requested. NOTES: -I only offer legit...
  7. Lysson

    FT: Vivillon and a few shinies

    Hello I have a few Pokemon to trade away, all are Kalos native. Vivillon: Garden (Native pattern, custom counts as 3 Vivillon) Polar x3 Modern x2 Meadow x1 Continental x1 High Plains x3 Elegant x1 Shinies: All out of legit ones. I have an Action Replay which means I can get any Pokemon from...
  8. Lysson

    General Mega Evolution Thread

    This thread is for you to discuss your own and each other's mega Pokemon. This way you can help each other out in various ways. So basically don't talk about how it looks but how it fights! You can also discuss how they fare in battle and which ones you think work the best and what team...
  9. Lysson

    GEN VI: LF: vivillon patterns

    What Vivillon patterns I'm looking for: Archipelago Monsoon Pokeball (Don't care if cloned) Sandstorm Jungle I have loads of HA Pokemon, just ask and I'll probably have it for you. I also have the following left over patterns to trade: Garden (my native, so can get it in any ball and can get a...
  10. Lysson

    GEN VI: Wanted: Nick-nameable Zekrom

    I'm looking for a Zekrom that can be NICKNAMED, as I like to have Pokemon a little special. I would like it to be nicknamed 'Lelouch' (if you know the anime that's from you're awesome!) I'm not fussed on Pokeballs but a luxury ball will fetch a higher prize. It MUST be Adamant. I will not be...
  11. Lysson

    Hello everyone!

    Hello bulbapedia community! Let me introduce myself, I am PinkiePieFox but you can call me Pinkie or Fox for short! I am obviously new to these forums and would like to get to know the people here and everything! I have been on previous Pokemon forums, won't say names and didn't have exactly...