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  1. Falconwing

    Bulbagarden now has a Discord

    Bulbagarden has launched a public Discord for all types of Pokémon fans. You can access it by following this link. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback.
  2. Falconwing

    Sun and Moon Contest #9: What other Pokemon can we ride?

    It's been a tradition here on Bulbagarden to hold a series of contests for each new generation of Pokémon. These contests are meant to be a fun way for us to give our predictions and see how closely we can get to the final product. There won't be physical prizes for this particular series, but...
  3. Falconwing

    POTW Pokémon Of The Week #11: Houndour and Houndoom

    Hey everyone, this is Falconwing! I’m currently one of Bulbagarden.net’s Staff Coordinators and one of the friendly voices on our social media channels. This week, let’s talk shop about one of my all-time favorite pokemon lines. In the World of Pokémon, there live a vast number and variety of...
  4. Falconwing

    GO Section Staff

    Just a heads up for everyone here, the band of Life, Slife, and Zexy will be performing... Er, I mean moderating this section of the forum. Don't hesistate to go to them with questions or concerns related to this subforum. Happy hunting!
  5. Falconwing

    Fallout: Hyper Training

    According to the main Sun and Moon site After breaking this down, our best understanding is that this is a way to increase a Pokemon's IVs once they reach level 100. For all of you out there (like me) who spend way too much time breeding to get 31s in every stat, what do you think about this...
  6. Falconwing

    Regarding Leaks and Rumors (UPDATED 7th Aug - READ)

    Hey everyone, Every Pokemon generation prerelease is different, and every time we think we've figured out what GameFreak is planning they still end up surprising us. The one constant I have seen since starting on Bulbagarden for the HGSS release is that leaks and rumors (and many, many fakes)...
  7. Falconwing

    GO Which team did you side with?

    Did your allegiance fall to the crimson Team Valor, masters of battling? Did you ally with the chilling Team Mystic, masters of evolution? Did you the benefits of flying with Team Instinct, masters of breeding? Let us know below!
  8. Falconwing

    GO What is your strongest Pokemon you've found?

    Pokemon GO assigns a CP (combat power) strength to each Pokemon that you encounter. As you level up you'll encounter higher level and thus stronger pokemon. Early on you'll see Pokemon ranging from 10-40 CP but eventually you may see Pokemon with a rating of over 1000. While test the beta I...
  9. Falconwing

    Sun and Moon Contest #1- Iwanko and Nekkoara

    Good morning everyone! Or good evening if you have the great fortune of not having just woken up. It's been a tradition here on Bulbagarden to hold a series of contests for each new generation of Pokemon. These contests are meant to be a fun way for us to give our predictions and see how...
  10. Falconwing

    Mafia Mafia of the Mages- 9-20-12 ENGAME: MAFIA WINS

    MAFIA OF THE MAGES A Battle of Good and Evil... to the death! In the far northern woodlands of Augorel... It was an unprecedented event. A gathering of some of the greatest magical minds of the modern era in one location. A chance for the masters of mana to debate and compare notes and enjoy...
  11. Falconwing


    NOTE: At long last, it's here. I know so many of you looked forward to the final game in the Falconwing Trilogy. Well, here it is. Falconwing 3. The game I've been waiting so long to bring to you is finally here. Consider it like Duke Nukem Forever, only it took less time and is a lot better. I...
  12. Falconwing

    New War Room Generals

    As Deputy of The War Room, it is my esteem pleasure to welcome three new Generals to The War Room Staff. Stand up and bow when I call your name. Congratulations to all three of you. We're very glad to have you on the our team.
  13. Falconwing

    Be Prepared

    So... here's a video I made a while ago of me singing Be Prepared. It was a song trade I made with Feliciano before we started dating. I love the Lion King and I think Jeremy Irons is a great actor. Also, this is a fun villain song. Enjoy my horrible singing :p...
  14. Falconwing

    COMPLETE: The Ice to Your Fire (Teen)

    The following is a fic I have spent the last two or three months working on as a birthday gift for my beloved girlfriend, Feliciano. Considering the thousand mile distance between us, I didn't have the ability to buy her something. So, instead I chose to write her a story. I have put my heart...
  15. Falconwing

    Notice My Resignation and A New Assistant

    Fellow writers, It is my deepest regret to inform you I am leaving the Writer's Workshop as a staff member. Recently I was offered the position of head of the National Bulbagraphic project and I accepted it. To make time available to commit to the project I have decided that I will need to...
  16. Falconwing

    1st Ever War Room Awards Discussion (MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!)

    MAFIA AWARD PLANNING Greetings, The War Room staff has decided that there should be awards for the Bulbagarden Mafia akin to the Writer's Workshop awards. At the moment the staff is planning rules and such, but this being our first time we wanted to get you, the players, involved. So...
  17. Falconwing

    Mafia Falconwing Mafia 2: Game Over- Mafia Win!

    FALCONWING MAFIA 2 Falconwings Vs. The Empire of Lokanai Hello everyone. After the immense success of my first Mafia game, Falconwing Mafia, I have drafted a sequel based on the results from that game. This will feature our Mafia (the Falconwings) at war with the Empire of Lokanai, briefly...
  18. Falconwing

    Yahtzee reviews Pokemon White

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/3008-Pokemon-White Popular video game reviewer Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation today reviewed Pokemon White. Personally I am a fan of his reviews and always get a good laugh out of what he has to say, so I was only more interested when...
  19. Falconwing

    Spring Awards: Voting Thread (open until March 24)

    Well, here it is. You nominated them, now you get to vote for them. Who will be the winner of the Spring Bulbagarden Workshop Awards? This thread contains the Rules, Award Categories and Nominations, and Honorary Mentions, in that order. Please be sure to read them all. Thank you. Rules...
  20. Falconwing

    Mafia Falconwing Mafia (Endgame: Mafia Wins)

    FALCONWINGS VS. SOLDIERS This the tale of two men and the kingdom they both laid claim too. It is not a tale for those who do not seek adventure and intrigue. THE BACKSTORY: So… who is brave enough to take on the role of Soldier and Falconwing? Okay, first off, the laws of the...