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    I have returned...

    My deepest apologies for my extended absence. My poor compy came down with a bad case of Gumblar, which my good friend assured me was incurable. To prove him wrong, I cured it, but ended up deleting all my system files in the process. Thankfully I once again have easy access to the web and, now...
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    Hey, where would fangames go? I'm working on a few and I really can't deduce what category it would go under. Thanks.
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    Lavender Town music anomaly...?

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lavender_Town "In the first release of Red and Green in Generation I, Lavender Town's music track contained a high pitched track in the background at certain intervals of its music. In the American releases and Generation III, this track was removed due...
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    Himshou Goran Pocket Monster- the phantom arcade game?

    http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?letter=S&game_id=8115 http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9059 Manufacturer: Nintendo Year: 2001 Class: Wide Release Genre: Other Type: Videogame Monitor: * Orientation: Horizontal * Type: Raster: Standard...
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    Pokemon Live... script?

    Yeah, this is almost surely not the right place for this but I can't find any other section close enough so HERE IT IS. I'm after the script from Pokemon Live, in physical or digital format. I have been able to locate ACT I — SCENE 2, ACT I — SCENE 8, and ACT II — SCENE 2, but I'd like the...
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    Cel identification help?

    Hey guys, this has been bugging me for some time and somehow I'm only getting around to looking into it now. I picked up some Pokemon cels a few years back and I wanted to see if anyone knew off the top of their heads what eps they're from- I don't have time to watch the entire original series...
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    Rumored Pokémon and Prediction Thread

    Hey, just thought this would be an interesting topic as we have so many different Pokemon now. We have a Pokemon or evo line based on almost every real life animal/legend, so let's think of what's left! My predictions: Mosquito Pokémon (a common bug that has not yet been exploited) Wasp...
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    Where to put something...

    Hey, just checking on something here. I went to the NYC Pokemon Center in 2003 and did a full video tour inside and out(albeit a bit shaky at bits due to being somewhat of a youngster still). I was just wondering what proper policy would be on this sort of thing and if this snags the same...
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    Greetings and salutations

    Hey guys, JLP here, just stopping in to say hi before I continue posting. I've been a hardcore Pokemon fan since the late 90s and my house will prove it, as it's littered with my collectibles ranging from movie posters/marquees to animation cels and a Pokemon Snap Station. No, seriously, I...