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    Favorite Pokemon Type(s)

    I would say my favorite types are probably Steel, Psychic, Dark, and Poison. At this point, it's hard to think of a team, but ones I'd consider are probably Aggron, Magnezone, Slowking, Reiunculus, Alakazam, Gallade, Umbreon, Scrafty, Weavile, Toxicroak, Vileplume, and others I can't...
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    Have you ever hated a Poke`mon then loved it later?

    I used to not like Scraggy and Scrafty, and I can't even remember why. At this point, they're some of my favorites of Generation V.
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    Things that you hate that everyone else loves

    Whipped cream. I'm always seeing people eating entire spoonfuls of it. It's just... Bleh. Horses. I don't hate them, per se, but I just don't really like them. Cherries and everything involving them exept this weird cherry stuff. Super loud music. It makes me just want to... hide, I...
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    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    Annoyed at what an idiot I used to be. And can be. Aside from that, happier than should be possible.
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    EVERYONE: I want to be a writer

    For starters, I'm not necessarily a major writer or anything, but I can at least tell you some things, although they may be obvious enough... Anyway! First and foremost, write about something something you enjoy/are passionate about. It makes it so much easier. Anyway, that was obvious...
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    Did you ever use the special balls? (Heal balls, Luxuray Balls...etc etc...)

    I used to practically never use any special balls, because I always thought they looked messy when seen next to so many regulay Pokéballs, but after needing to capture a little Tynamo with Pokémon that are actually decently leveled, I decided to at least use Quick Balls sometimes.
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    What are your favorite ships in the anime?

    I'm not a big shipper, but I have an... extremely large soft spot for HeatTagShipping.
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    Things that you love that everyone else hates

    You just have. Anyway, as for mine... - Dusting. It is extremely satisfying, is it not? - Geometry. I have fellow fans, but not many. - Graphing. - Socks with sandals. They're awesome.
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    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    Chilly, cloudy, rainy, thunder-y. Great day! :D
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    Do you ever look back at your old posts and

    I used to be... so immature, and my posts certainly reflected it. I came across one today, actually. So yes.
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    What would your first Pokemon be?

    Sneasel! Either that or Aron. :D
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    If you had to live in which region what would it be?

    Probably Hoenn, for its climate and the scenery, plus there are some pretty neat towns and cities. Still, they all would be nice.
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    Stupid Things You Did as A Kid

    Well, as for a non-mainstream game, in my Mystery Dungeon game, when I saw my character floating away, I thought the game wouldn't allow me to play again if I let it finish so I turned my game off and re-started. -_- Of course, there's also the typical 'only level one Pokemon up'. And...
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    Would you love Pokemon forever and ever?

    As far as I know. It would be so amazing if they kept making it forever! I fear for my ability to keep memorizing the Pokemon and their evolutions/types though, considering I'm already lagging behind... But yes! As long as the quality of Pokemon doesn't descend, I'll definitely always like it!
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    Do you buy both versions in a pair?

    Only one, although I believe I will make a habit of buying third ones, as well. (That's what we did with D/P/Pt) I completely overlooked the concept of third ones! T.T I think I voted wrong...
  16. G

    A Pokemon Starting With...

  17. G

    The little things that bug you.

    Re: Parts you dislike within the games while playing with them Caves you have to use Flash in. And Rock Smash. I'm really glad Black and White got rid of that. Switching out in Triple Battles is also a lot harder than switching Pokemon out ever should be. I've gotten stuck doing that before.
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    What's your favorite hobby?

    Plants have certainly been my friends lately. I'm expecting the house to slowly begin to fill up with them... Well, sort of. I used to be all about aquariums, too, but that's a tad faded at the moment. Other than that... Does Pokemon count?
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    Do you shine your badges?

    When I remember. It's really satisfying. You see the dull, non-shined ones, and when you're done, they just look so nice! Can you shine them in Gen V? I guess it's safe to assume you can, but I've never really tried...
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    Guess the NAME of the User Above You.

    Julia. I apologize if you're male, but I couldn't find your gender, so I just guessed.