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    Loading pictures?

    Well, I tried to make it pretty self explanatory. n_n Anyways, I drew a picture and we scanned it onto our computer and now it's a jpeg document. Well, there's a thread I'd like to put it in, but we can't seem to be able to insert it into the 'Go Advanced' box. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    Issues displaying blogs

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum... But on subject, sometimes (frequently) when I look at the blogs, things like this come instead. (Spoilered due to hugeness). Really sorry if this issue is already reported/unnecessary to report, just thought I'd say...
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    The forums home page

    Sorry if this shouldn't be a thread, but today I went to the 'forums home' to see whose birthday it is, and I can't find the whole bottom part with who's online and the birthdays and stuff. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Calling Kazunari fans!

    I'm a Kazunari fan, and I'd like to start a thread for fellow Kazunari fans. Honestly, I wouldn't have started this thread if the poor guy wasn't bashed so hard. It's hard enough to put up with all the Tracey bashings. I just want to give Kazunari a big hug. So, I must ask for you to post...
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    Astrological sign?

    Now we can all discover eachother's astrological sighns! Anyways, I'm an Aqaurius.
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    Funny mistakes

    Have we had threads like this before? Oh well. Basically you can post mistakes you've made in Pokemon games. So there was this one time I was playing Pokemon Diamond for the first time and I decided to leave my Medetite at the Daycare. Well, I left rather quikly and a few weeks later I wanted...
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    How do you make an avatar. And when I know how to get one, will the copyright dudes go after me?