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    GEN VI: Shiny 6IV EM Spinarak

    Offering this lovely in return.
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    Ultimate Truth About The Pokemon Universe!?

    I have found the ultimate truth to the Pokémon Universe: There is no canon. All is canon except for what directly defies the word of GAME FREAK. Certain events and laws of physics are common across all canon. These events are present in Sinnoh mythology up to the banishment of...
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    ORAS Teams

    What will everyone be using on their teams for ORAS? Will you catch pokemon in the game, breed and transfer 'mons you've never used before?
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    Looking for competitive battling help.

    I am new at competitive battling. i am looking for help really on how to build a team and such. My strategy: i set up traps and then go into offense. Pokemon: i can really use any Pokemon. Any and all help is appreciated, Icestar649
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    Looking for battles

    I am looking for challenges outside my area as it is getting boring battling the same people. here is my fc:3952-7595-0164. All I ask is please refrain from using ledgendaires as i never use them all smogon tiers are OK just no legends.
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    Looking for help for new team formation

    I am working on several new teams at the moment. I am trying to get deeper into the competitive battling circuit. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. besides ideas i would like a person who could help supply me with HA,s if needed.
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    Team Aqua and Magma

    i am wondering who expects a new plan from those pititful villains i would at least like it.
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    Protean Greninja moveset

    I am looking for a moveset for my prot ean greninja along with EV distrubution and item
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    Lilys breeding and capturing sevices

    I am offering these services Pokemon i an looking for
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    Looking for a few pokemon (Gen. V and Gen. VI)

    B/W Scizor (not shiny jolly nature) Ruby and Sapphire 10th anniversary Weather trio Events any v gen events Toy`s R us Shaymin, Regigias, and Arcues X/Y Fennekin Froakie Yveltal
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    Summer Lottery

    I am offering an Event Keldeo, Meloetta, Poketopia Pikachu, Cobalion, Deoxys, and a PKRS regice. Black Pokemon: Keldeo LV.50 Black2 FC: Meloetta LV.50 PKT Pikachu LV. 23 Cobalion LV.43 Regice LV.51 Deoxys LV.57 put in your FC and a random 6 digit number entries end June 29 at 11:59 EST...
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    Pkmn adoption center

    Pokemon up for adoption every Saturday union room all day go to my profile and register Grace (in that exact same way) Kecleon Lv.59 Togepi Lv.20 Nosepass Lv.27 Klink Lv.26 Sawk Lv.63 Dream radar Ho-oh Lv.31 (j4-109 Solosis Lv.22 (Typhlosionisafirebadger) Pidove Lv. 1 Espeon Lv.16 that is the...
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    Ello there

    sorry i am posting this like 5 months late but i just wanted to say hello th all the members out there and i look forward to being a major part of your community
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    New TCG sets for x and y

    Genetic set features a colress card and various others
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    Returning characters

    with the logo in the japenese titles i think Colress may return after all that unfinished work
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    Shiny Lucario, and Shiny Legendary beasts

    hey i am looking for some trades here is what i have to offer: Shiny Lucario Lv.100 Shiny legendary bests (only over wifi club) make requests please and i will get back to you
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    Possible Character futures

    what are characters like red doing at this time 2013