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    Heartgold and soulsilver shiny disscusion

    I have been wondering what shunts people have ran into while playing heartgold and soulsilver. I want to hear some shiny stories and just see how common they are in this version. I had been reading on some serebii thread like this and apparently people have been finding lots of them!! :3 so...
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    image problems

    i cant get my images to apper in my RMT thread they show up little red x in a white box,
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    Opinions on Smogon's tiering system

    I am just wondering what others think of smogons tiers for the metagame and how you think it has helped or hurt the competitive metagame. In my opinion the tiers have helped and can slightly hurt because it has organized the competitive scene and helped set the standards for how it is played. On...