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  1. Queen Cynthia

    Will Riolu become the new Ash-Greninja?

    Now that Ash has finally got a Riolu which will most likely evolve into a Lucario some day I'd like to introduce my theory: In (almost) every generation so far there's been a Pokemon on Ash's team that proved to be very special in some way. I'd like to call them the "special Pokemon": Charizard...
  2. Queen Cynthia

    What happened to Bulbagarden Chat?

    Sorry, this might feel like a stupid question, but what happened to Bulbagarden Chat) Didn't this site once have a Discord chat? It's been a while since I last used the chat, but today I realized it's gone. Or am I just too blind to find it?
  3. Queen Cynthia

    No XYZ41 this weekend?

    Sorry for starting a new thread but can anybody tell me if they didn't air the latest Pokemon episode (XYZ 41) in the US this weekend? (You can close it afterwards)
  4. Queen Cynthia

    Cynthia is coming to Alola !

    Probably the best piece of news about S/M was revealed today: The wonderful , the one and only Cynthia is returning once again! :notworthy: How great is that! :):) Not only will you be able to team up with her in the games, I'm also sure this means that she will also appear in the Anime...
  5. Queen Cynthia

    Is Pikachu getting neglected because of Greninja?

    Don't get me wrong, I really really like (Ash-)Greninja and I absolutely love the idea of Pokemon and trainer becoming one and fighting as one. However, I've noticed something over the last few months that I can't help talking about: Is Pikachu getting increasingly neglected because of...
  6. Queen Cynthia

    Two sections for Anime and Manga

    (Sorry if that doesn't really belong here but I couldn't find a better place either.) I have the following concern: The fact that "Pokemon Anime and Manga" are now in one common area makes it really hard for us to distinguish between Anime-related and Manga-related threads. Besides, it's...
  7. Queen Cynthia

    S18 E 4 "A Stealthy Challenge" skipped?

    As I don't live in the US, I was wondering if they somehow skipped today's episode. Or is there a break once again?
  8. Queen Cynthia

    Anime Christmas break?

    Sorry for starting a new topic but I didn't know where else to post this: I was just wondering if there was a new episode this week or not? Do you know if there's a break in the US at the moment and if so, how long it will be ?Has a new ep aired in the UK?
  9. Queen Cynthia

    Will Cynthia return?

    In the preview for the new series a Garchomp was shown that's going through a city in rage. Could that mean that Cynthia returns? It might sound logical at first glance but on the other hand, Cynthia's Pokemon would never do something like going crazy or destroying a town. I'm excited now...
  10. Queen Cynthia

    Journey to Florida. Need some tips, please

    I'm flying to Florida very soon and so I'd like to ask you guys (preferably those living in the Sunshine State) for some advice and suggestions what to see. Is there something I absolutely have to visit and mustn't miss under any circumstances? Do you you have some insider tips so I can make...
  11. Queen Cynthia

    Would Paul have won if he had used all his powerhouses?

    There's something I've been asking myself for quite a while: If Paul had used his all-star team in his final match against Ash in the Sinnoh League, I'm pretty sure Ash would hardly have had any chance of defeating him. Let's say Paul would have used his strongest Pokemon Torterra...
  12. Queen Cynthia

    "Pokémon Apokélypse" - a real-life Pokémon movie

    I just stumpled over a movie trailer and I'd like to hear your opinion on this maybe controversial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDX1m0Y2Vkg First of all, you can't deny that this video was excellently made! All the important characters are there in real-life: Ash as frustrated...
  13. Queen Cynthia

    What do you have in common with your favorite character?

    What do you have in common with your favorite Anime character? A favorite character usually is somebody you identify with for some reason. If you choose somebody as your favorite, it's often because you also have something in common with them. Now tell us what exactly you share with them! Is...
  14. Queen Cynthia

    RL people/ things that remind you of Anime characters

    Have you ever experienced the following situation? You meet or see somebody or something that strongly reminds you of a Pokemon Anime character for some reason. I thought it was a good idea to start a thread where you can report about such encounters. Did you even manage to take a picture? Even...
  15. Queen Cynthia

    Will Cynthia and Looker appear in Best Wishes too?

    With Cynthia and Looker being confirmed in Black and White, I'd like to discuss if and when they will also make an appearance in the Best Wishes Anime. --- --- As I like Looker and adore my Queen like a heavenly angel, I'm overjoyed to hear that both of them are confirmed in the games...
  16. Queen Cynthia

    Who else will be sad when Sinnoh is over?

    With the last Pokemon DP episode airing in Japan this Thursday, I'd like to know if you're also sad (and maybe even embittered) that the Sinnoh adventures will come to an end. I can tell you: Yes I am, and how! It's true that in my weekly reviews I was often critical of certain DP episodes...
  17. Queen Cynthia

    When does Pokemon air on the West Coast?

    Sorry for creating a new thread for just one question, but it was necessary: I'm soon going to be in California and thus I'd like to know when Pokemon airs there. I know that it airs at 7 a.m. ET, but does this mean that it airs 3 hours earlier on the West Coast (PDT), which would be 4 a.m...
  18. Queen Cynthia

    Does Pokemon promote the idea of being perfect?

    I find this a particularly interesting question to discuss, so I'd like to present my thoughts on it and also like to know what you think about it: Does Pokemon promote the idea of becoming/ being perfect? I'd say: Yes! Some people might associate the idea of being perfect with what...
  19. Queen Cynthia

    The General "Logic And Physics In Pokemon" thread

    Thinking back to all those recent Pokemon episodes, I figured that I was high time to make a new thread dedicated to all those question about the logic and physics in the Pokemon Anime. So, please feel free to introduce new topics whenever you like. But those people who merely consider Pokemon...
  20. Queen Cynthia

    Photos of Pokemon Center NYC

    As some of you may know, I was in New York a few weeks ago. And it goes without saying that as passionate Pokemon veteran I visited the Pokemon Center NYC as well. Also, I promised to post pictures and here they are! But guys, let me get that clear: Please don't raise your expectations too...