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    Twelve Days of (pokeshippy) Christmas

    I only have the first six right now, but more are on the way! [Twelve Days of (pokeshippy) Christmas On the first day of Christmas, My true love sent to me, A Farfetched in a Wepear tree. Misty: What in the world am I going to do with these? I suppose I’ll plant the tree, but what...
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    RainbowMoondust's Drabbles of Pokeshipping

    I decided I'd hunt down all my little stories and put them here. I'm going to have to try to remember all of them and search for them on the Pokeshipping board. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Warning/disclaimer: they are not meant to be perfectly executed, I wrote them for the purpose...
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    Did you go Trick-or-Treating?

    (I looked around a bit and didn't see one soo... If there is, tell me and I'll delete it) I'm coming up on being 17, and I went trick-or-treating, and I'm curious if a lot of other teens did as well. If you didn't, what did you do instead? Did you have fun? What did you dress up as? Did...
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    A Sprite Contest II: Rock, Paper, Scissors

    AKA- Type Change As my first contest is wrapping up, I shall begin another one. - This time, you must do three sprites, and change each of their types. You can - A) Turn a fire-type into a water-type, a water-type into a grass-type, and a grass type into a fire-type. OR B) Turn a...
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    A Sprite Contest: Rainbow-fying

    Make a pokemon RAINBOW! DEADLINE: END OF 17th.Winner(s) is being determined. It'd also be great if people could start telling be what they want if they win. There will be a panel of judges including myself I think the'll be judged by -How neatly it was executed -If it's an actual...
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    Wanted: IV Breeding [s]Tutor[/s] Help

    I've tried posting in the simple question thread with no avail. Thus I've determined that it's not a simple question. Why there isn't a thread dedicated to IV Breeding, I'll never know. Please, I really want a tutor to help teach me how to IV breed. It would me much appreciated and I'd be...
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    I can't put stuff in my album.

    Yeah, me again. I'm just asking all the questions I've been meaning to ask. See title.
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    Pokeshipping- Rage of the Elements

    Rating: T? Pairings: Ash and Misty Genre: Fluff, Drama, Comedy I put that stuff ^^^ because I like to know what I'm getting myself into. Sometimes I wont read something, purely beacase it doesn't tell me. I'm going to keep track of those who want me to alert them when I post a new section...
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    Editing polls

    I want to add one more option to my poll, but I already posted it. Is it possible?
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    The Trainer Sprite Emporium!

    Banner made by pichuvolttackle, sprites by me Hello, i'm RainbowMoondust and I really really want work. I can do essentially anything trainer sprite related, except figure out how to put them on my gallery/album. I am signed up and raring to go! I can recolor them, splice them, dice 'um...
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    Pokemon and Inuyasha fic (not crack)

    Its AshxMisty and InuyashaxKagome fluff! I suppose I'll post it if anyone seems interested. although, I warn you of its hyperness P.S. Is this the right place to advertize the fic my friend and I are writing? I've been a bit lost, and I already got in trouble. So if I'm breaking any rules...