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    Of Cats and Lizards

    This is my first crack at a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fic. Note that I don't play the games often, I just know what it's all about. Anyhow, this chapter isn't very long and this fic is still a work-in-progress. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! Also, don't complain about me using the Japanese...
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    Your Weight On Other Planets

    I saw a thread that was about age on other planets, and, while searching through the link provided, I found the weight on other planets as well. It seemed like fun, so go at it! Click here for the calculations chart. (Calculated in pounds.) -- Mercury Weight: 45.3 lbs Venus Weight...
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    The Challenge of Regice (RP Start)

    I looked around the plains of the Hoenn region. Honestly, I was completely lost and Raichu was no help. She didn't know how to read the map and neither did I. "Damnit, I have no idea where I am," I groaned, plopping down on the soft soil.
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    The Challenge of Regice (Sign-Up)

    Well, my friend wanted me to start up this RP. Story: Your a trainer who had seen the Legendary Golem, Regice, on TV and you want to go check it out. However, you don't know if you can get to it by yourself. So you try to find traveling partners OR you try to raise your Pokémon to get...
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    COMPLETE: Drabbles

    Before you start reading, be aware that I'm going to create a drabble for every arc of Pokémon fanfic. These drabbles are going to summarize my character's feelings throughout the arc. Because my story is incomplete, I may backtrack, so please be sure to read the titles of each drabble...
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    What Do You Fear?

    I actually saw this on Serebii Forums and though 'hey, does BMGf have this?'. Well, I looked back about four pages, and saw nothing, so I decided to create this thread here in the misc.! And I do so hope I posted this in the correct thread. . Here's a list of mine (Please note that they don't...
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    Human Dictionary

    In this game, you have to choose a word, any word, and put a definition up for it. However, you have to choose a word whose first letter is one of the letters in the previous word. Say I chose 'previous', you'd have a choose of any of these: Peculiar Ready Vicious Incognito Octagon...
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    SL-sama's Fanart!

    None of it is colored because I'm awful at coloring, but this is a manga-like comic drawn in about three hours. It's Shaman King with my made-up character, Todoke, Rei, and the canon character: Oyamada, Manta. Click here to pop it up! It's not really supposed to be funny per-say, but. ...
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    COMPLETE: Cloud - A Drabble

    Well, I wanted to test myself to see if I could get a point across by writing a drabble. A drabble, if you don't know, is a 100 word essay. They're mostly used to test a writer's ability to cope with such a small space of text and improve their writing abilities. . Somehow. So I thought I'd give...
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    Watching Pokémon Through the Eyes of a Teenager

    Yeah, I decided to make one of these when I saw that my friend had something similar up. No worries, I asked full permission from him to go ahead and take this idea. Idea from: Kenji Sasaki His fic: Why FireRed Stinks As you can see, I also made it similar to his (on account of I couldn't...
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    EV Training

    What's EV training? I've been trying to understand, but I still don't quite get the concepts. I know that certain Pokemon give out certain EV points (Rizadon/Charizard gives out 3 SpAtk EVs), but I don't really know. . Well, I don't really know what that means. Can someone thoroughly explain...
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    COMPLETE: Cruise of a Lifetime (PG for violence)

    Since this isn't the first part of my story, rather a prequal to the Johto region, I'd better give you a description of my character, Nareta, since it's only found in the original story (which isn't finished). Light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. A red shirt and black jeans with a white...