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    In Which Generation Did You Start Playing Pokémon, and what was your first game?

    Sapphire for me; but it wasn't until Pearl that I really went crazy playing the games. Ah, the hours I've spent grinding unendingly...
  2. V

    Shiny Pokémon by Chance Discussion Thread

    I ran into a wierd coloured Makuhita in Sapphire... only to find out it was a super rare shiny a few years later. Needless to say I threw a couple pokeballs then got bored and ran. I did catch a purple Drowzee in HG a few months ago though. :)
  3. V

    How Do You Organize Your PC Boxes?

    THIS Personally my Perl/HG boxes are a mess, so Gen V will be my savior. No more boxes full of Unown! Huzzah!
  4. V

    Contest Jynx Vs. Porygon

    Jynx freaks me out. FTL. Porygon does not. And it evolves. FTW.
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    How Do You Organize Your PC Boxes?

    Do you sort them by... Type? Level, Colour? Name? Stats? Nature? Dex Number? Moveset? Starsign? Favorite Food? Political Views? Nothing In Particular? I know some of those are a bit ridiculous (type? colour? bah!) but how do you organize you 'mons in those little 5x6...
  6. V

    Messing with Names

    Nicknamed my Spinarak Spine in HG; uncreative, I know but I got a laugh while taking it out of the daycare: "I'll give you your Spine back for 100 poké." LOLWUT?
  7. V

    What's Your Playthrough Style?

    Thank you, never imagined this many replies, and in such depth too ; I want to quote like 15 people but I think that'd breach to character limit, so I'll just add some things. -Strangely, I have never been able to choose the grass starter. I promised my self that I'd choose it this time...
  8. V

    Shiny Pokemon That Look Exactly Like Their Normal Counterparts

    Drifloon has the best shiny so far IMO; tied maybe with Black Charizard. They actually make you want to cry with different-coloured rainbow joy. On a side note, if I were colour-blind, shinies would be less appealing. But I'm not. So I care.
  9. V

    What's Your Playthrough Style?

    HM Technician sound a lot nicer that HM Slave; it kind of cruel that that's become the widest used term
  10. V

    Which Will YOU Get Vol.2- Black or White?

    Despite the surprisingly low price, I'll just be getting White version; and maybe the third installment later on.
  11. V

    Type combinations that NEED to happen!

    Re: New type combinations? Ghost/Fighting could be interesting...
  12. V

    What's Your Playthrough Style?

    I personally find that my time played per day goes down over the first month I get the game: I clocked in 100 hours in HG in my first WEEK owning it- I think i'll slow down the rate I zip through BW. Also, HM space seems to limit some people's party size. I don't want to have to leave a team...
  13. V

    Contest Hiyappu vs. Baoppu vs. Yanappu

    Pansear; because his evo just screams 'lul I dunno' IMO. Also I love fire types.
  14. V

    Hardest Legendary to catch

    Rayquaza in Ruby and Sapphire. In Ruby I just gave up after reloading my save 10 billion times (a miracle I didn't find a shiny) and in Sapphire my game glitched and deleted my bike so I couldn't even reach it :(
  15. V

    What's Your Playthrough Style?

    Throughout my time playing the games, I've always built my first team in the following manner: 1) Get and train starter 2) Capture and train one pokemon found early in game 3) Capture and store everything else 4) Capture and train Legendary mascot For instance, my Pearl team for the...
  16. V

    Which Starter will you choose, and what will you nickname it?

    Oshawott for sure. When I first saw the leaked Daikenki image, i was confused; as it's probably the biggest starter evolution jump so far, but I've come to love it unconditionally. As for a name... I've put a bit of thought into it, and I may end up naming it after a certain blue gemstone...
  17. V

    Worst Designed Pokémon?

    There are alot of badly designed pokemon in my opinion; they've gotten better at it over the years but some old pokemon just evolve into bigger forms of themselves. A pokemon is supposed to look similar to its prevolution but shouldn't just multiply (Magnemite) or grow another head (Doduo). Not...
  18. V

    Favourite Female Player Character

    Same here
  19. V

    Scariest Pokémon?

    Mr Mime stares into your soul.:uhoh: Most disturbing pokemon by far.
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    Pokémon Remake Discussion (Read First Post!)

    Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST* Having grown up with Hoenn, all I'd really love to see would be it remastered in every way so it could be new again (and be given a second chance); maybe a better storyline. Oh, and of course some features more recently introduced, but...