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  1. LDEJRuff

    Bulbanews What happened to the developing stories section?

    I've been checking the home page to check if my latest draft on the Global Link closure/Munna distribution would be in the developing stories. However, the developing stories section is not on the home page. Would it please be put back on the home page? Thanks.
  2. LDEJRuff

    Petition for TCPi to make Pierce the leader of Galar's villainous organization in Sword and Shield

    On March 11, 2011, the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami prevented TV Tokyo from airing the planned "Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma!!" two-parter of the Pokémon: The Series—Black & White anime from its March 17 and March 24 spots. TV Tokyo had since promised that they would air the episodes...
  3. LDEJRuff

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! TV Tokyo's promise for the TRvTP episode has been taken down!

    Yes, you read right. The promise page from TV Tokyo, that they'd air the "Rocket-dan VS. Plasma-dan!!" two-parter at a later date, has been taken down. I guess this means that they've broken their promise, and that the episode will never air. Now all my dreams to finally see the episode have...
  4. LDEJRuff

    Pocket Monsters: The Lost Episodes?

    I know that EP018, "Beauty and the Beach", was billed as "The Lost Episode" when it aired on Kids' WB. If TV Tokyo finally decided to air AG101, BW023 and BW024 in one shot, would they bill those episodes as "The Lost Episodes" (or "ポケットモンスター:ロスト・エピソード"), too?
  5. LDEJRuff

    What would have happened in the unaired "TRvsTP" episodes...is up to us now

    Today, I contacted TPCi about the still-unaired "Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan!!" ("Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma!!") episodes since the devastating Tōhoku tsunami happened in Japan. Not too long after, I received a reply from TPCi. So, I'm afraid it's all up to us. There are sites like...
  6. LDEJRuff

    Bulbanews Question about a deleted article

    Last Sunday night, I started an article about the Special Edition Sun & Moon Light Blue Nintendo 2DS, which hits shelves in Japan this December, and in Europe and Australia next month. However, SnorlaxMonster unfairly deleted the article last night, saying that it's too late. What should I do?
  7. LDEJRuff

    Special Sun & Moon Edition 2DS to be available in Australia, Europe and Japan

    I waited since I submitted this article on Bulbanews, for it to be out of draft form. But so far, it's still a draft. So, this news article's about to get attention. Nintendo has announced that a limited edition Light Blue 2DS is going to be available in Australia, Europe and Japan. The...
  8. LDEJRuff

    International fanmade Gen IV remake logos

    Here are ten logos I did if The Pokémon Company International decides to remake Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version for Gen VII. Two of each are in a different language. Japanese (ポケットモンスター ダスくダイヤモンド・ドーンパール) English (Pokémon Dusk Diamond and Dawn Pearl) French (Pokémon Diamant...
  9. LDEJRuff

    Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon logos (Japanese)

    In case the rumors about Nintendo going to reveal Gen VII are true, I've fired up Inkscape and worked on Japanese logos for the games. I know they aren't official, and they may use the Katakana words "San" (サン) and "Mūn" (ムーン), but I felt like working on these logos. The logos resemble the...
  10. LDEJRuff

    Concerning the Clefairy family articles...

    Uh, why do the articles for Cleffa, Clefairy and Clefable still say that they're Normal-type Pokémon? I wish I could edit the articles to make them say that they're Fairy-type Pokémon now, but editing is still restricted temporarily. Que lástima.
  11. LDEJRuff

    Dream World sprite-like Apricorn vectors

    Well, I managed to trace with Inkscape and here they are, Dream World-like sprite vectors of the Apricorns, including three more: an Orange Apricorn (Orn Apricorn), a Cyan Apricorn (Cyn Apricorn), and a Violet Apricorn (Vlt Apricorn). An Orange Apricorn can be smithed into a Drasil Ball...
  12. LDEJRuff

    Machoke Cubeecraft doll

    Machoke, Pokémon #067, is now available as a Cubeecraft doll, and it is posing in its boxy glory. Click here to preview and download. I also did a fifteen-second stop-motion display video. http://youtu.be/0A5dKmpN2mk
  13. LDEJRuff

    Pokémon B2W2 English logos (fanmade)

    I know this may not be official, but I thought I'd post these logos here. Well, anyway, a link to the logos. Since Pokémon Black and White 2 have been confirmed for release in North America and other English-speaking contries (including in Europe), I have worked on these logos with Inkscape...
  14. LDEJRuff

    Fanmade Movie 16 logo prediction

    In relation to my latest post on this thread, I recently worked on a logo for the sixteenth movie. The text literally translates to "The Plasma Gang and the Technologic Insect". What do you think?
  15. LDEJRuff

    Do you think, after BW060 ends in Japan...

    ...they will have a preview for upcoming episodes in the next year, like the previews that were shown after BW047/BW048 and PK21? Maybe they'll show scenes from the upcoming BW061-BW065 and the still-unaired/postponed "Rocket Dan VS Plasma Dan". We still want to see that episode.
  16. LDEJRuff

    Fanmade flyer for possible TR/TP episode cancellation

    Technically, the episode "Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma" is still not entirely cancelled (just, and still, postponed), but if it is, then I made this flyer with Microsoft Powerpoint just in case. Link to the flyer. Also, since I submitted the flyer to dA, it hasn't been faved or commented...
  17. LDEJRuff

    Heh-heh-heh. Why didn't I do this earlier?

    Hey there. LDEJRuff is in the house, y'all. My username is a combination between the abbreviation for my Never Forgotten username and my other username JRuff. I think it's best if you'd call me "JRuff" for short.
  18. LDEJRuff

    Bulbapedia Just a little pointout in two episode articles...

    I've noticed that the articles for episodes 23 and 24 of the Best Wishes! series (the two-part Team Rocket/Team Plasma episode) have not been changed since yesterday. Since Bulbapedia is locked, nobody can edit the articles. Here's what I would say. In the article for episode 23, I would say...