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  1. Mewtwo_98

    GEN VI: LF Vivillon Patterns

    Archipelago Garden Icy Snow Meadow Monsoon Ocean River Sandstorm Savanna Sun Reward: Will trade whole set of shiny Legendaries from VC GSC and RBY in Gen 7 games Note: These are cloned in GSC using PC clone glitch
  2. Mewtwo_98

    GEN VII: LF Marshadow codes

    I am offering the following Pokemon (All are from Pokemon Virtual Console games): Update: Got all Shiny Pokemon in Gen 1 and Gen 2 (can be cloned in VC and manipulate nature in VC before transferring to 7) 1 code = 6 Shiny Pokemon from Gen 1-Gen 2 that you request. Mew and Celebi are not...
  3. Mewtwo_98

    GEN VII: Looking for 6iv foreign Ditto

    I'll try to compensate for your troubles. (I don't mind clones)
  4. Mewtwo_98

    GEN VI: Normal Friend Code with Ditto Please!

    My FC: 1418-7747-7022 Fighting Pokemon: throh, meditite, ???
  5. Mewtwo_98

    DW female poliwag and vulpix please!

    I can breed you pokemon that you want
  6. Mewtwo_98

    Can somebody give me a meoletta and a keldeo

    I want a legit modest meloetta and an adamant keldeo. I will trade you a lvl. 1 palkia or dialga P.S. No hacked pokemons please and if you don't want the palkia or dialga I am willing to negotiate.
  7. Mewtwo_98

    Anybody here willing to trade me a Multiscale Dragonite?

    This thread is now closed
  8. Mewtwo_98

    Modest Giratina giveaway and Happy Holidays!

    This thread is now closed I am usually available during fridays and saturdays during 8:00 in the Philippines. My FC is ASH: 3311 2542 2377 BTW It's a shiny one! :)) All of these are cloned GIRATINA Status: Pokerus LVL.-47 ATK.-106 DEF.-101 SP.ATK.-143 Sp.DEF.-105 SPEED-104 Item: Griseous Orb...
  9. Mewtwo_98

    Hi! Happy Holidays everybody!

    BTW I can't see the form in the Create a Winter Pokemon Contest