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    Lots of UT event Pokemon for trade!

    Ok, just send me a pm when it's done :) Thanks for the trade!
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    Lots of UT event Pokemon for trade!

    Yeah, just let me add you and I'll jump online with my AS game. How long will it take you for the cloning?
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    Lots of UT event Pokemon for trade!

    Ok, that's fine by me for the colateral. Just noticed that the Gengar has an english name while having the Japanese OT, not sure if it still interests you then, it is UT like the other three though. I'll take Shaymin, Inkay, the VCG10 Eevee and if you still want Gengar, one of the shiny Pichu.
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    Lots of UT event Pokemon for trade!

    As long as I have an insurance, it doesn't bother me. Recently got a Super Smash Bros Greninja, not sure if that'd interest you too. I'll take an Inkay with the Shaymin for sure, I'll wait for you to tell me how many interest before picking anything else.
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    Lots of UT event Pokemon for trade!

    Can you clone trade? If so, I have some untouched Gen 6 events that I can offer you, Tretta Rotom, Tanabata Jirachi, Japanese Movie Diancie and a Japanese Halloween Gengar (without the Gengarite though). I'm also willing to trade the Gengar if you can't clone, but I'd rather keep a copy of it...
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    WISHMKR Jirachi Giveaway

    That's really nice of you to hold such a giveaway, could I get one please? :) FC : 4613-6229-2254 IGN is Malicia if I'm playing Y, Nyriam if i'm on AS. Edit : Thanks a lot and happy holidays :)
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    Trading 205+ Hidden Ability Pokemon *Closed*

    Re: Trading 205+ Hidden Ability Pokemon That's good for me. I'll prepare all that on my side. Just send me a pm or post here when you have everything ready and I'll be there to trade :)
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    Trading 205+ Hidden Ability Pokemon *Closed*

    Re: Trading 205+ Hidden Ability Pokemon I have HA Basculin (blue), Geodude, Bellsprout, Timburr and Spearow that I can trade you, and I can give you a Sachet and any other 32BP item (or less), and evolutionary stones if you're still looking for those. I'm interested in Shelmet, Hippopotas...
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    Types that you never use on in-game teams?

    I never use pure normal, bug, rock and very rarely ground, ghost and poison (with a genger in my last Y playthrough being the first case for both types) and dragons, with the except of a dragonite in my Soul Silver game.
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    Types you always have in your in-game team?

    I always have a Psychic type, usually Espeon or Alakazam, a water type for Surf and Ice moves, which is often the starter, and an electric type, since I like fast sweepers. The rest tends to change every game.
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    Most annoying Pokemon to face when playing the main game (not competitive battling)

    Re: Most annoying Pokemon to face when playing through the games. I hate Wobbuffet with his Shadow Tag and his moveset, especially with how lucky it seems to be with Mirror Coat and Counter. Sawk with Sturdy and Counter/Payback was probably the one that annoyed me the most in White and Black 2...
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    Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari/Code Sharing Thread **READ THE OP**

    Looking for friends since I restarted my game :) I have an electric safari with Pikachu, Luxio and Electrode. FC : 4613-6229-2254 IGN : Malicia
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    GEN VI: Mega Stones (Done)

    Re: Mega Stones Awesome :) I'm around right now if you wanna do the trades :) Thanks a lot for the trade!
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    Hi !

    Thanks for the welcome :)
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    Your "YES!" moments

    Mine was when I completed my pokedex in my Black 2 run, including all events, had to go through so many GTS negociations and normal trades for it :)
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    The First Starter You've Picked For Each Generation?

    My first game was Yellow as a kid, so obviously, Pikachu was my first starter. FireRed : Squirtle SoulSilver : Cyndaquil (who became my first level 100 pokémon later) White : Tepig Black 2 : Oshawott Y : Froakie I picked Chespin in my second Y run that I just started, but I usually never pick...
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    Magikarp used Splash! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    Cacturne, use Needle Arm !
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    GEN VI: Mega Stones (Done)

    Re: Mega Stones I'll gladly trade my Aggronite, Mewtwonite Y, Charizardite Y and Houndoomite for your Charizardite X, Mewtwonite X, Tyranitarite and Manectite. And by any chance, would you have a Pinsirite you'd be willing to trade for a Heracrossite or other Mega-Stones ? I took the liberty...
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    Hi !

    Hello everyone :) I used to be a Pokémon fan back in the day when I played the first two generations but I had kinda lost touch with it until two years ago when I got a 3DS with Soul Silver and later White and Black 2, and Y last year and with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I figured I might as...