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    Pokeshipping- Rage of the Elements

    She's gonna try a lot of looks. I'd appreciate ideas.
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    Pokeshipping- Rage of the Elements

    Stuff like that happens all the time in anime and manga. lol
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Here's a topic (I think we need one)- If a young-teen Ash somehow found out by heresay that Misty's big x-mas wish was a kiss with him, what would he do? On a side note, I posted more Rage of the Elements. ;)
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    Pokeshipping- Rage of the Elements

    Re: Pokeshipping: Rage of the Elements Okay, because this chapter is turning out kinda long and I really want to get it up, I'm going to break it up a little. Please comment and such. AVARAGE (part A) “So what did you want to talk about, Dawn?” Asked Brock, who was leaning against...
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    How Can We Attract More Readers From Other Parts of BMGf?

    I recently suggested that the Shippers' Paradise keep an archive of shipping fics links, and Luna Hivern thought that was a good idea. Hopefully that will help once it gets implemented.
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    They either come to me in a flash, or I sit and think about it until I get a good one.
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    Twelve Days of (pokeshippy) Christmas

    I only have the first six right now, but more are on the way! [Twelve Days of (pokeshippy) Christmas On the first day of Christmas, My true love sent to me, A Farfetched in a Wepear tree. Misty: What in the world am I going to do with these? I suppose I’ll plant the tree, but what...
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    My Pokemon Ranch

    It's very useful. And adoreable!
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    Who Is Your Target Audience?

    I write for my fellow pokeshippers. Age-wise, I keep everything mostly innocent. There are a few sections I wouldn't have a 10 year old read, but for the most part, if they're old enough to be on a message board, they're fine. Besides that, any age.
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    I was reading the first paragraph of the pokeshipping article on bulbapedia,to figure out how to make it better like Archaic asked us to, and the intro, and I noticed a problem. It says that most/all the hints were added in the dub. I'm pretty sure that that is untrue. I'm relatively certain...
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    What's the Ability of the User Above You?

    Cute Charm! Your avatar is adorable! Edit: *Looks at first page* ummmm Rivalry? (a lot of those are cute... I think)
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    RainbowMoondust's Drabbles of Pokeshipping

    I'm so happy that you like it. It's just something I threw together one day, but I still like it. :D
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    Chapter Waiting Time

    Whenever I finish it. If it's a month, it's a month. A day, a day.
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    The PokéJapan Project

    Looks awesome. But where's oblivia?
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    Rate my first ever sprite?

    Not bad, I've seen way worse. The leg shading on the medicham is waaaaay too severe. Lighten it a bit and it will look significantly better.
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    A Sprite Contest II: Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Kibago- LOVE the surskit! Draco- The water to fire one is looking especially awesome. A couple words of advice to help you do better= the outlines recolor on the Arcanine seem to be unfinished. And the grotle is looking a tad sloppy. The concept is great though!
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    How Well-known Is the Person Above You.

    20/10! *glomps* (friend in real life)
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    RainbowMoondust's Drabbles of Pokeshipping

    I wrote this a while a go. This one's main focus isnt pokeshipping, but it's enough to be here. :) - For several months now during their travels, Pikachu had been sneaking off daily, carrying part of his meal in his mouth. Ash had been suspicious for a while, but one day, he caught his...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Me either. It sounds fun doing a holiday pokeshipping pic. I have several ideas. Unfortunately none of them are ones that I have the ability to draw. (Just my luck, plenty of inspiration for this, none for my fic.) Well, I'd be happy to share my ideas with those who lack them.
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    RainbowMoondust's Drabbles of Pokeshipping

    {I'm pretty sure double-posts are allowed when updating.} I was watching the episode where Ash gets his pokemon from Oak for the Sinnoh league (#650). So, that inspired a little drabble. I may make it a bit better later. ~Roses are for Red~ After hanging up from she and Ash's...