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    It's Been Forever >,<"

    kon.nichiwa min.nasan!~ I have returned to this forums after being inactive by almost half a year =3 Well,I've been pretty busy with life and another forums but I had returned~ O...kay?Maybe you guys don't remember me xD Well,my first username here was "harukamaylover" and when I...
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    Anime Character Chain!

    just like the other game Anime Chain :3 this time,mention the anime where the character came from =3 most basic example of game flow: P-1 posts: Hinamori,Amu (Shugo Chara!) P-2 replies: Utau Hoshino (Shugo Chara!) P-3 replies: Oz Bezarius (Pandora Hearts) and so on. btw: >You CAN...
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    Anime Chain!

    so this is a random game that I thought of posting here :3 basically,it's like the Last Pokémon Game,but anime style :3 so here's how it goes: P-1 will think of an anime then P-2 will think of another that starts with the above anime's last letter... (yes,explanation is a bit...
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    A Quest in Wonderland

    SU Thread: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f425/quest-wonderland-130921/ ((In case someone forgot the plot :3)) It was a beautiful Monday morning,a perfect day to start the school year at Northern University,one of the finest universities in the whole country. Other info: classes are at 7:30...
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    A Quest in Wonderland

    Plot: It was a beautiful day to start another school year at Northern University.You'll see your old friends and foes once again.Nothing much changed,besides for the new year that just came,and a new transfer student named Alice.But little did anyone know that Alice wasn't your typical everyday...
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    Name the Song You're Currently Listening to and Add "in my pants" at the end

    The title says it all =3 so,I'll start: World is Mine in my pants
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    Angels vs. Devils

    Angels vs. Devils which side are you? The world is starting to fall apart bit by bit... Many people are getting ill and are in the poverty state of life... Everyday,hour by hour,many people are dying... Many calamities are occurring... It's already predictable:the time of dying is coming...
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    Sex Mirror Change!?

    Sign-Up Thread=[Closed]Sex Mirror Change!?[this is not about what you think this is] Role-players: we will be starting as classmates,classmates as in we already know each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was the second week after the new school year had entered.It was a...
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    [Closed]Sex Mirror Change!?[this is not about what you think this is]

    Start-Up Thread= http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f428/sex-mirror-change-128731/#post3862650 Plot: You are a high school student.You and the others are assigned to clean the classrooms that day after all classes,which ends at 6 pm.But there was one suspicious quiet room.One of you opened it and...
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    The Synthesizers Come Alive! (A Vocaloid RP)

    ♪~Vocaloid~♪ Notice: If you don't know what Vocaloid is and you are interested with this RP,I suggest you to search them in Youtube and at least listen to several songs and identify some of the characters =) Plot: You are a voice synthesizer living freely in the world of technology just...
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    Pokémon:The Shiro Region

    In this RP,you'll be controlling any main character and rival from the original episode of Pokémon;from season 1 up to season 15 Plot: You and the others decided to have a "reunion" in Shiro Region but later on decided to travel together and have adventures like how we did in the past.But there...
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    Look to Your Left.What do you See?

    self-explanatory :3 well,have fun!
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    Shugo Chara! The Character Guardians~

    yay!my 1st hosted RP! :))(hope for people to join!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: It'll be very useful if you: ~had/have/are watching the anime "Shugo Chara!" ~had/have/are reading the manga "Shugo Chara!" because basically(and obviously),this RP's all about it...
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    Who do you want to be shipped with???

    this is your chance to say who you want to be shipped with!!!no one would stop you here!!! for example: Yellow the Healer(formerly amber/peridot/yellow of virdian) ~this is where the name will be typed.it could be a fellow Forum Member,a character,or maybe someone you personally know!it...