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    Schools in the Pokémon World

    I don't know if this has been brought up before. I'm curious how kids eduction. I know they have schools/academies for Pokémon training. What about regular academics? Most of the kids set out for a journey when they're ten.
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    My Return~

    After dissapearing for several months, I have returned to Bulbagarden Forums. Now, having more free time. I could start lurking and posting again. Nice to be back :) Loving the Team Rocket Returns skin.
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    Trainer's License

    I've been wondering, nn the Pokemon world, do they have one? They said you need to be ten years old. I remembered seeing in the show why I thought of this but I forgot. Let me rethink.
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    The Purpose of Brock

    I like Brock, I'm never one of those people who says I dislike that that character or this character. Brock was awesome in the beginning. He hasn't been a big role. In the beginning he was the guide of the crew. Ash or Misty would ask him for advice. Now, Ash has grown mature and suddenly...
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    Hi Everyone I'm glad to be here. I just joined this site yesterday. I'm looking forward to making some new friends and becoming a great member in this community