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    FastueuxShipping (Serena x Aria) Thread

    Is there a name for Serena x Aria yet? I feel like there is substantial evidence to make a page for it in Bulbapedia even.
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    Do any of you just never click on your notifications?

    I don't. Currently I have around 100 something from yesterday and today.
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    ~ I'm addicted to BMG. Give me ideas to get off DX ~

    I'm addicted. I can't click the exit button. I was wondering if anyone else has a similar problem or if someone who has conquered it can help.
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    Im back! Any1 even remember me?

    Hey guys! haven't talked to many of you all in a while. Well, im back. :) I was also known as emovampire1 or Princess of Sorrows fyi Well its good to b back!
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    Princess of Sorrow / lad y gata is Back!

    fuck yeah im back from summa vaction! I hope u all had a bettr 1 than i did! ..no matter how much i sometimes hate the mods i always come back...its really funny ~ Princess of Sorrow
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    Hey...im back...sorry for being inactive..

    Hello every1! Perhaps u might recall me...white...libertarian..i hope not, but annoying...anyways im back cuz for the last two months my bro was hogging te pc cuz he was on break, but now hes back so im on again! Can't wait te starting posting again, ~Princess of Sorrows (aka emovampire1)
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    Im back.....

    I decided to post here for my first time after my one month ban :nono:. So BMGF, the libertarian bitch is back! :unworthy: :argue: anyways, great? to be back! Hope i won't get infracted again! See most of y'all around...
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    John Smith High School: The School of Stereotypes

    First off, this rpg has NO racial or sexual stereotypes. Anyways, basically you are a stereotypical student of these possible stereotypes and you go to your stereotypical school set in ____(location to subject...please give me any ideas): 1. Childhood Friend Gender: Both Description: This...
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    Contest Houndoom vs. Starmie

    Who would win? Their types are both technically super-effective against each other and they both have realitively high stats.
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    Shipping/Fanfic game

    NOTE: EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A SHIPPER, DO THIS THREAD!! ITS REALLY FUN! Shipping by numbers Having seen about half a dozen of these, I thought I might as well too. They generally end up funny. List twelve of your favorite characters from your fandom, in no particular order. 1. 2...
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    Emovampire1's Trainer Art Requests

    I can draw anime/manga style as well as the Pokemon anime style. If you would like a trainer picture, please fill out the following form: Height: (not exact. Short, tall, medium) Eye color: Skin color: Hair color: Hair style: Clothing: Pokemon: (optional): Backround: (please don't make this...
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    Is cloning wrong?

    Is it? I don't think so. The game programmers should have realized this loophole and fixed it before they released the game. As a result, since it's part of the game, it's no hack.
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    Dento's Sexuality?

    Do you think Dento would be a homosexual, heterosexual, or a bisexual?
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    How do you eat your yogurt?

    How do you eat your yogurt? Messily? With a spoon? Or do you lap it up?
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    Why is the user above you a pervert?

    I don't think there's quite a game like this one...anyways, why is the user above you a perv?
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    Pokemon Pun Nicknames

    Ever had a pokemon and done a pun nickname? Ex. (i did these) Inferrape Frygon Swambert viBRAva Wayyone (for a Lioone) PoochyENDa and such. Anyone else got a good pun nickname?
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    Contest Bite vs. Faint Attack

    Okay, Okay, i know they are moves, not Pokemon. But which move is better? Both have 60 attack power, Bite has 100 accuracy, Faint attack never misses, but Bite can flinch. So which is better?
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    Does anyone like Shuckle?

    Hi y'all! I just wanted to know if people liked Shuckle. Practically nobody talks about this little guy. I think he's a really special Pokemon. He has no evolution yet is over 500 base stats, he has the highest defense and sp. defense ever, and if you use the move Power swap (i think that's wut...
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    Name of these shippings?

    Does anyone know the name of the ship between Kris and Leaf and the ship between Kris and Lyra? Thanks, and if not, then can i name them?
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    LightRockshipping Discussion

    I thought the last thread on this was really old. So I decided to make a new thread for it. Personally, i don't see this ship coming true on Dawn's side, but i can see Brock secretly liking Dawn. It's really cute too. I love the way Brock always comforts Dawn