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    DO WANT: Female DW Spiritomb - complete!

    I've been trying to get a female DW Spiritomb for a while now. I think the trade option I had before fell through; we weren't able to meet up online and I can't get on here every day to check my notifications. But I am on here today! Thus, I would like to trade today, asap - not make plans to...
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    Want: Female Dreamworld Spiritomb & Growlithe.

    It's going to be years before I get 10,000 dream points to obtain my own Spiritomb, and I just really want a Growlithe as well, so I would love to trade for one of each. I don't have many Dreamworld pokemon, but I'll list the ones I can breed anyway: Black Cartridge: Sableye Eevee (be...
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    Hello hello! I am new around here, though I've used Bulbapedia quite a lot in the past. I ... have no idea what else to say. ^^; I guess I can talk a bit about my poke-preferences. My favourite types are Poison, Ghost, and Dark :: I collect shinies (or try to, at least) ::I dream of winning...