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  1. K

    Scariest thing to ever happen to you?

    Re: Scary moments in you're life? Knowing me, if I were in that situation I'd probably grab the hardest or most dangerous thing in the room and start trying to kill the person.
  2. K

    Scariest thing to ever happen to you?

    Re: Scary moments in you're life? I was walking up the stairs and my frenemy(Friend/enemy) Kevin said, "Boo!" and I almost fell down the stairs. Not cool Kevin, not cool. :|
  3. K

    What Was the Last Thing You Said Before This Thread???

    "He's being loud!"
  4. K

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer-- the thread that will someday rule BMGf

    Re: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer-- the thread that will someday rule BM It looks like my face. Who robbed Justin Beiber?
  5. K

    Wazzap. 8D

    Welcome to our forum! =D Always remember: Stay. Away. From. My. Cookie! xD
  6. K


    Welcome to Bulbagarden! Whatever you do, Stay. Away. From. My. Cookie.
  7. K

    Contest Snivy VS. Serperior

    Serperior is so pretty! Definite win to me. :)
  8. K

    Contest Shaymin vs. Zorua

    Shaymin. Fighting bush dominates tiny fox.
  9. K

    hi just started here :-) ??

    Heh, I need to get used to Bulbagarden too. Last time I was online before this was before the big update, and the formatting was a lot different back then! I hope you feel welcome here! ^.^
  10. K

    I'm back, BABY!

    Thanks everyone! I'm going to try and post regularly from now on. =]
  11. K

    I'm back, BABY!

    I don't think a alot of people knew me anyways, but I'm back on Bulbagarden after being offline for, like, 5 months or something O.o I've changed a lot since then, so I hope you'll like the new and much more awesome-ified me. I'm eating a purple freezie. Too bad no one cares. I'm gonna...
  12. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    Kayumi skipped in to where broom Dono and Yuki and Yuko were. "Oh hey guys-" She stopped, eyeing the situation: "Umm, I'm gonna go then..." She left again, muttering something about her life being totally insane.
  13. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    "I heard," She said to Camille, "The idea scares me. I want my own enchanted broom that looks like me !"
  14. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    "Oh no!" Kayumi faked being shocked. "Okay, what now?" She whispered.
  15. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    "Oh, I don't know..." She lied. "Umm, let's check over here." She gestured to near the place where she remembered Envy was hiding.
  16. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    "I haven't seem him all night," She frowned.
  17. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    Kayumi stood up, "OHAI Yuki! How's it going?"
  18. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    Whose Diary is that? Your moms! HAHAHAHAHA You're not funny. Kayumi had found a new hobby. Okay, not really. But she found a way to vent sadness on flowers. "Alright, I'm insane." Kayumi stayed under the table in the dance place with her arms crossed.
  19. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    I wonder who it belongs to! DUUUHHH! it belongs to... Um... I dunno. Daisuki and Gokana facepalmed. "Hehe, that was fun." She said quietly. Kayumi grabbed another flower and started ripping out petals.
  20. K

    Ampiomach Academy

    Whose Diary is that? If it's Kayumi's, it will be pink. Is it pink? >.< Kayumi went into the dance hall and sat under a table. She suddenly grabbed some flowers and started picking petals out angrily. "Dang it... Dumb flowers looking so Damn happy all the freaking time..."