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  1. ReturnofMCH

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Tony hawk burrito at chipotle How is that a game purchase you ask? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/chipotle-launches-the-tony-hawk-burrito-offers-access-to-tony-hawks-pro-skater-1-and-2-warehouse-demo-301108883.html Well I got it to give a friend access to the demo Ace combat 6...
  2. ReturnofMCH

    Video game difficulty options

    I choose easy for a first playthrough then work my way up the ladder, unless the higher dificulties are full of artificial difficulty such as in kingdom hearts or fire emblem, in which case I stop right before the hardest one.
  3. ReturnofMCH

    What video games are you playing now?

    Blazblue cross tag battle Got it with gold points, already playing with my friends on it!
  4. ReturnofMCH

    Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons)/ Rune Factory General Discussion Thread

    You can gay marriage ANYONE of the same gender, so the boy/girl thing is cosmetic for once
  5. ReturnofMCH

    do you watch any twitch streams?

    been watching a lot of highspirits do dragon quest as part of a thing he calls Dragon ConQuest, you can donate, use bits, or channel points to make his game easier or harder on him as well as do other memes like name the hero or a waifu bidwar for 5 and 11, and console bidwar for 6, 7, and 8...
  6. ReturnofMCH

    What video games are you playing now?

    trust me, suda51 games get WEIRD play killer7 if ya want a good example. for me I'm playing dragon quest 11 S, decided to go back to it to finish off accolades and sidequests.
  7. ReturnofMCH

    Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons)/ Rune Factory General Discussion Thread

    well it's been a while since I got a wonderful life for gamecube, I'm on year 5 so I'm halfway done with the game according to a friend.
  8. ReturnofMCH

    RANDOM MESSAGES -42: Anti-life and Antimatter

    -42? oh noes/
  9. ReturnofMCH

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I sold my copy of four swords adventures and link’s crossbow training to a friend who’s a fan of LoZ, with the money I got I preordered tony hawk 1+2 digital deluxe on psn
  10. ReturnofMCH

    Most frustrating/annoying boss?

    Dunno, it’s the weirdest thing ever.
  11. ReturnofMCH

    Rate the video game music above

    agreed, it was back when EA was good nonetheless 10/10 View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUl4Joz5NNY
  12. ReturnofMCH

    Most frustrating/annoying boss?

    Lol nope, they made it harder and without online play either, to unlock the final episode I had to grind terra to level 50 in a game beaten at level 30 to beat the halfway point mission and get the xehanort report required for the final episode. I’m lucky I actually got to play BBS coded and...
  13. ReturnofMCH

    Did you think that Mother 2 (known in the North American SNES version as Earthbound) was the best-selling original Super Famicom game in Japan?

    Last I checked mother 2 sold horribly on the sfc, especially compared to stuff like fire emblem mystery of the emblem or super mario world there.
  14. ReturnofMCH

    thematics in games

    we all love a good game, and we all love a good story, but what about the themes behind the story? whether it be generic JRPG #1000000000000000000000000000000000012345678923232332 or a game that goes deep into modern politics, what thematics in games do you love? any you hate? for me I love...
  15. ReturnofMCH

    Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #2: Current State of News

    a pikmin 3 remaster was just announced, I know we're all sick of wii u ports, but now I just want XCX and fatal frame 5.
  16. ReturnofMCH

    Most frustrating/annoying boss?

    kurt zisa is like the only good one, for me it's practically any SMT boss, but especially matador and minotaur, there's a reason the fanbase hype those 2 in particular up, they are when you realize you can't brute force your way to victory and need actual strategys. yeah malroth was bad af, but...
  17. ReturnofMCH

    Plot twists in games

    one of my personal favorite twists in recent years is one ANYONE with even a passing knowledge in comics could've seen coming, but the twist was more on the impact and weight than the actual twist in marvel's spider man
  18. ReturnofMCH

    What future video games are you currently looking forward to?

    in addition to what I said before as well, the tony hawk remake comes out next month/
  19. ReturnofMCH

    what are the video games you feeling nostalgic about

    for me, I've always been nostalgic for pokemon diamond, mario galaxy 1, and LoZ phantom hourglass, being the first 3 games I actually beat as opposed to coming close like firered or getting halfway like DKC1. more recently though I'm very nostalgic for the times I spent with my childhood best...
  20. ReturnofMCH

    What video games were you thinking of buying?

    I'm waiting for wednesday's street fighter 5 season 5 reveal before I make any decisions, but it's either that or finally pre ordering the tony hawk remake.