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    Shiny Pokemon Trade-away

    Sorry. Just wanted to make sure. :P I can trade 10 to 15 minutes from now. (Battle Subway) I'll PM you when I'm ready.
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    Shiny Pokemon Trade-away

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    Gen V Box Clean

    I would like the Buizel please. Can offer Male Head smash Rock Head Aron
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    Shiny Pokemon Trade-away

    Me and my friend have been breeding HARDCORE for the past couple of months, and we've come across some shinies. We have no particular need for them and I'm going to trade them away. All of them are UT, so don't worry. No nicknames because I'm trading them and I cannot nickname his and please...
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    Pokemon For Trade

    Yeah, It's a male one. I can't trade until saturday, but can you hold it for me until then?
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    Pokemon For Trade

    Can I have the female Combee? I can trade a Head Smash w/Rock Head Aron?
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    Ferroseed with Spikes and Stealth rock/ Focus punch Shroomish.

    Do you have any male Ferroseed? If so I can offer a shiny Sandile.
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    Rate my Team: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

    The way you use Energy Ball on your Gengar is a good idea, I never thought of that. But also consider Thunderbolt because, as you said, Gyarados might cause some trouble. Other than that, it looks mighty fine to me.
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    Pokemon Type Combinations

    ...Or instead of Levitate, have the Air Balloon which blocks Mold Breaker EQs... XD
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    Pokemon Type Combinations

    I would like to see a Poison/Electric w/Levitate because BEST SWITCH-IN EVER! For Ground...
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    Have you ever hated a Poke`mon then loved it later?

    I really hated Ferrothorn, for just being so annoying to take down. Now, I love him for the same reason.
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    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    I'm trying to get to battle Boss Ingo on the Super Single Train, but it's really hard. My team is this: [email protected] Scarf Nature: Adamant EV Spread: 6/252/0/0/0/252 Moveset: - Earthquake - U-Turn - Dragon Claw - Stone Edge/Rock Slide [email protected] Orb Nature: Modest EV Spread...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) I'm trying to get to battle Boss Ingo on the Super Single Train, but it's really hard. My team is this: [email protected] Scarf Nature: Adamant EV Spread: 6/252/0/0/0/252 Moveset: - Earthquake - U-Turn - Dragon Claw - Stone Edge/Rock Slide...
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    Complete My Team!

    PkmnGreen Yes, as long as your only using one, even if different forms.
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    If you were a gym leader...

    I would go all out Flying. Considering that Flying is paired with almost (or all) of the other types, it would be easy to create a team with fairly good partners. Anyways my gym would be all about feather-looking platforms that carry you throughout the gym. There would be the option of not...
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    How do you go about destroying the Battle Subway?

    I have been wondering what other people do to beat the Battle Subway. I use my walls to stall out the opponent, or sometimes I use my powerhouses to demolish everything. What do you do?
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    Flannery. Nuff said.
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    Complete My Team!

    Seeing how you already have 2 Physical attackers, a Special attacker might be the better option. Houndoom's ok, but no electric type move. I would say Rotom heat might be your best option. Rotom Modest / Timid, Levitate, Choice Specs / Scarf(Maybe Leftovers?) - Overheat - Volt Switch /...
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    Offering: DW Females and other things (CLOSED)

    Re: Offering: DW Females and other things FC: 0647 9243 1966 What I want: Dratini Gender/Ability: Female, DW Ability What I am offering: DW Spinda Method of communication used once Egg has hatched: Visitor Message.
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    Was the Battle Subway too difficult?

    I think it's fairly easy till my 42nd win, that was when I battled a Thundurus, Virizion, and Cresselia or something like that. I lost, BIG TIME...