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  1. Krash

    GEN VI: LF Lucarionite

    I was never really a fan of contests and have no intention on jumping through the hoops that have been set to acquire Lucarionite. Thus, I am requesting the hu,ble generosity of fellow forum-goers. For your service, I can offer from a fine set of 5-IV breedjects. These all have 5 31 IV stats...
  2. Krash

    Global Link security and hack checks to get a buff

    So by now if you haven't heard, the Japanese Global-Link is rolling out stricter rules regarding the legitimacy and legality of not only Pokemon, but the save files as well. Before I go any further, let me note the definition of "Legitimacy" in this post refers to "any Pokemon obtained in game...
  3. Krash

    GEN VI: Timid Thundurus

    I'm looking for a Timid Gen 6 Thundurus. I have Omega Ruby and thus don't have access to the Thundurus Mirage Spot. I'm hoping to use it for competitive battling, and the only one I have is from Gen 5, thus unusable. I can offer any other legend, aside from Mew, and would be grateful to anyone...
  4. Krash

    GEN VI: Wanted: 6IV Natural Cure Staryu

    As stated in the title, I'm looking for a 6IV Natural Cure Staryu. It's for my fiancee, who wants a competitive Starmie, but doesn't know the mechanics of breeding for IVs. Myself, I'm heading on to night shifts and don't have the time to breed one for her, so I thought I'd ask people here. I...
  5. Krash

    Do you reset your game?

    I'm a sucker for story and progression, so every once in a while I'll take my game, upload my Pokemon to Bank, and restart a save with a different starter. This time around, I opted to go for a different gender. This always gives me a feeling of excitement and adventure, but at the same time I...
  6. Krash

    GEN VI: Wanted: Legit Mew/Ho-Oh

    Well, I'm down to my last two legends to complete that portion of my Living Dex. The only two I need are a LEGIT Mew, and a Ho-Oh. I had been burned before with a fake Mew (a frustrating event, if I may say so), so I'm looking for legit pokemon only. I can offer any other legend or mythical...
  7. Krash

    Rate My Team: VGC Doubles.

    This is my VCG Doubles team. So far I've had pretty decent luck with this team, winning quite a few matches with friends and people online. My only real Hum-And-Haw in this lineup is my Smeargle, who quite frankly, I've been switching around as a supporter/trickster. Kingdra Item: Scope...
  8. Krash

    Do you have a Living Dex?

    By which I mean, do you keep a constant supply of one of every single Pokemon? Whether in-game or in the Bank, do you? And if so, how do you organize it? I JUST started to take this project on. I'm working at it generation by generation. Just completed Gen 1 today, and thanks to some prior...
  9. Krash

    Create your own held item

    A simple thread. Create an item (or items) that could be held to influence the flow of battle either for the better or worse. Mine: Erasers (Grass Eraser, Ghost Eraser, etc) When held, it removes the specified typing from the holding Pokemon. If the pokemon is of a single type (Like Gogoat, a...
  10. Krash

    GEN VI: Looking for a legit Mew

    Title says it all. Looking for a LEGIT Mew. I can offer: Diancie Mewtwo Yveltal Xerneas Articuno Zapdos Moltres Jirachi Meloetta Celebi Darkrai Arceus Entei Raikou Suicune Manaphy Shaymin Rayquaza Deoxys Victini Kyurem Reshiram Kyogre All Regis Terrakion Cobalion Keldeo Latias Palkia Dialga...
  11. Krash

    New 3DS means lack of lag?

    So we all know the hassle of using the 3D for X and Y. Battles slow down, things get laggy, animation gets choppy. The system just can't handle all that Surf going on and still properly animate the sprites when that little right-hand slider is maxed out. With the new 3DS having a better CPU...
  12. Krash

    Minato Mirai Event Pikachu

    Hello! I have a SINGLE Minato Mirai Event Pikachu up for grabs. It's the Landmark Tower Pikachu, and knows Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Surf, and Hold Hands. Impish in nature, comes with an Air Balloon, and is level 10. I'm not looking for anything special, just X exclusives I don't have yet...
  13. Krash

    Your favorite bug for battle?

    Aesthetics and usefulness are two different things. Not all bug pokemon look great, but they do serve their purpose. What are the bugs that YOU use on your team? I alternate between three: Volcarona: My go-to fire type. Pretty much every time someone switches in steel, I yank out Volcarona...
  14. Krash

    GEN VI: HA Diggersby

    I have a Cheek Pouch Diggersby. I don't use berries EVER and wouldn't benefit from his other ability, so I'm looking for a Hidden Ability Diggersby (Huge Power). Willing to trade megastones.
  15. Krash

    GEN VI: Meloetta, Rayquaza, Shaymin, Deoxys

    Looking for the above listed legends, Meloetta, Rayquaza, Shaymin, and Deoxis. I can offer any legendary other than those 4 and Diancie which, obviously, I can't get at the moment. I also have quite the list of shiny pokemon as well. I can offer mega stones, ability capsules (4 spares), and...
  16. Krash

    Swedish_Chef's Summer Sizzler (Legends and Shinies)

    Hello folks. I figured it would be a bit easier to fill my dex if I posted the Pokemon that I have to offer! The legendaries I got from trades on the forums, and the shinies I got from friends and PSS trades. Legends: Mewtwo (x2) Xerneas (x2) Yveltal (x2) Regirock Registeel Manaphy (1 left)...
  17. Krash

    The maturity of the Pokemon fan

    If you've ever known anybody who isn't a fan of the Pokemon franchise, you've likely heard them refer to it as childish, meant only for ten year olds. Then, they've likely logged on to Call Of Duty: Medal of Halo 27 and proceeded to teabag the head off some poor 12 year old who called their mom...
  18. Krash

    Legit movie event Darkrai

    Hi. I have two sassy Darkrai that I got through trades that I'm looking to unload. Looking for Genesect and Manaphy, but any decent offer will be considered.
  19. Krash

    GEN VI: Prism Scale Feebas

    Looking to kill two birds with one stone here, looking for a Feebas with a Prism scale, to get a Milotic. I can offer: A Timid Protean Froakie A Hardy Cute Charm Sylveon (Lvl 16) Lax Sap Sipper Goodra (Lvl 62) Bold Sheer Force Gurdurr (Lvl 58)
  20. Krash

    Xerneas, straight from the Pokeball.

    Got a Xerneas through X/Y trade in exchange for a Togepi earlier. Looking to trade it for something worthwhile. I'm mostly after a Latios or Latias, but wouldn't say no to a decent offer. I understand they're easy to get in X, and available on the GTS, but for those who want both Xerneas and...