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  1. winstein

    Space World 1997 demo for Pokemon Gold leaked

    Thanks to the combined efforts of both the person who got a copy of the demo and the hackers, the Pokemon Gold beta cartridge's contents are leaked, and we could see some tidbits in more detail! For one, you can see what Pokemon were planned in the games, but ended up being scrapped. If you...
  2. winstein

    Gender Differences among Pokemon

    Before Generation 4, gendered Pokemon tend to look the same, save for a few Pokemon who are considered different species, even though their breeding properties meant that they are technically the same species. What I mean is, the Nidoran (Male) and Nidoran (Female) are different species, but...
  3. winstein

    What are the most balanced types?

    It is often that we talk about less useful types that are in need of a change to make it better, such as the Grass-type and the Ice-type. It is easy to see why: the types as presented are at an unbalanced disadvantage in the Type Chart, among other factors. On the other hand, there are certain...
  4. winstein

    Spoilers New Move Tutors

    Since Generation 2, there have been Move Tutors in at least the second games within the same Generation. Since then, in every new game, we are guaranteed to get Move Tutors, and I am sure Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is no exception. The situation that happened in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is...
  5. winstein

    Why do newer Pokemon have fewer Egg Moves?

    Back in Pokemon X and Y, when the whole picture is revealed in regard to the new Pokemon's Egg Moves, something in common is found among them: compared to past Generations, they have very little Egg Moves on average. Where it wasn't uncommon for older Pokemon to have 10 different Egg Moves, it...
  6. winstein

    What could be done for the "updated" version so as to not make the "original" version obsolete?

    What I meant by the words in the title: "Original" = The original pair of games in each Generation. Examples include Red/Blue, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl "Updated" = Some people call this the "third" version. Examples include Yellow, Emerald, and Platinum In most Generations, there is a game...
  7. winstein

    GEN VII: Looking for: Assorted Pokemon w/ H.A. (Almost there!)

    I am looking for certain Pokemon with Hidden Abilities, and I am going to collect them all. Here are the following requests: Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist (Insomnia) [Super size] Pokemon with Hidden Abilities that I have and willing to breed more of: Pokemon that are not part of the Alola Dex (no...
  8. winstein

    Wonder Trade (Sun & Moon)

    This is basically a thread about the kinds of Pokemon you received that stood out. For me, certainly there are a lot of Pokemon that I won't consider worth keeping, even releasing some that I think are Pokemon that are easy captures for the purpose of getting a better Pokemon. However, there...
  9. winstein

    Do you ever use the same Pokemon in a team?

    In battling, a rule is enforced so that players are prevented from using the same Pokemon in a team, which is good since it allows/forces you to use a variety of Pokemon, and in a way, it makes compiling Pokemon usage easily. However, no such restriction takes place in-game, so you can still use...
  10. winstein

    What would you like to take from an alternate universe?

    If you could take something from an alternate universe and introduce it to this universe, what would you choose? You cannot bring people from an alternate universe to our universe. Personally, I would like to go to a universe where an official Calvin and Hobbes animated series and bring it to...
  11. winstein

    Variations of moves you would like to see more of

    Certain moves have interesting effects that are only found on one type, and whether they are useful or not, what are the moves you would like see being redone as another type? As an example of a precedent, Generation 4 provided us with U-turn, which is a Bug-type attack that makes the user...
  12. winstein

    Pokemon Picross (3DS)

    Let me preface that I made a similar thread in the past, but it was for a cancelled game, so if you brought up that thread, keep in mind that this is for the version that will release for the 3DS as a free-to-start game. Anyway, my dreams of a Pokemon Picross game is finally on the horizon...
  13. winstein

    NFE (Non-Fully Evolved) Pokemon that looks Fully Evolved

    Although some Pokemon has a clear distinction on whether their potential is matured, some of the other Pokemon aren't as clear-cut. The starter Pokemon, for example, can be easily identified as base forms because they look young. Their fully-evolved forms can also be easily identified as being...
  14. winstein

    Usage of 5 PP Moves in-game

    Some moves have the lowest possible PP*, which is 5 PP without PP Ups. For example, there is Close Combat, Fire Blast, Sucker Punch and some good moves. The thing is, a lot of those moves are good moves, so of course you might want to find some use for them. However there is the dilemma of...
  15. winstein

    What sold you to your favourite type?

    There are Pokemon fans who have a favourite type, so surely there are reasons they favour that type. Perhaps it's a specific Pokemon that sold you in a type, it might be the overall strength of that type, or maybe they have a certain design philosophy that interests you. Basically, there are a...
  16. winstein

    Pikachu-themed Food (Pikachu Café)

    http://www.siliconera.com/2014/07/18/pikachu-burger-pikachu-parfait-served-real-world/ å…*本木ヒルズに「ピカチュウカフェ」が登å*´ï¼ãã®ãƒ¡ãƒ‹ãƒ¥ãƒ¼ã‚’一挙公開*│*Recolle(リコレ) The first link is to the food with the descriptions in English. The second link...
  17. winstein

    Move-of-the-Week Discussion #100: Celebrate [FINAL DISCUSSION]

    (Sorry, couldn't find a clear picture) In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Celebrate is chosen. Being...
  18. winstein

    Move-of-the-Week Discussion #99: Mega Punch

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Mega Punch is chosen by Shadowkat777;. In the penultimate...
  19. winstein

    Move-of-the-Week Discussion #98: Will-O-Wisp

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Will-O-Wisp is chosen by cityvillain;. Burn was one of the status...
  20. winstein

    Manga Why is Anime more Popular than Manga?

    This topic was originally found in my blog, but upon some thinking, this topic could fit here, and there could be more responses as a result. First off, I need to clarify that this is an observation of mine, and not an absolute truth. This is so that you keep this in mind when I reasoned some...