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  1. Steel_Justice

    GEN VII: LF: Battle Point Items

    I'm currently looking for certain battle point items for breeding and going into the battle tree with. Most Wanted Destiny Knot Power Items Choice Scarf Assault Vest Mega Stones (Lucario, Metagross and Salamence) Offering Bottle Caps Starters Leftovers Most Sun Exclusives (Don't have the...
  2. Steel_Justice

    GEN VII: LF a Low Level Riolu

    I'm looking for a Riolu at level 1-10. Nature and stuff doesn't matter I just want my old buddy back for the story. I don't have much other than breeding for Rowlet, Popplio, Bagon and Pichu. I've also got a male Sylveon to make catching those female Salandits easier. Help would be...
  3. Steel_Justice

    Got an extra Arceus Code

    I got my hands on a second Arceus code thanks to a friend of mine. I'm primarily looking for a (preferably) Mild, Hasty or Modest english Hoopa since I wasn't able to get to that event. Don't care if it's cloned as long as it's legit. I can discuss other offers too but I'm not interested in...
  4. Steel_Justice

    Help with Darkai Code

    Looking for a Darkai code since the EB Games near my home is always out of codes thanks to being next to a school. I'd go to other stores myself but I don't have a car these days and work has me occupied. I've got a few shinies lying around to offer or I can probably breed something. So any...
  5. Steel_Justice

    Ideas For New Locations

    Just thought of starting a thread for sharing ideas for possible future locations in Pokemon. They can be anything like cities, towns, routes, caves etc. I'd like to hear everyone's ideas for designs, names and any other interesting gimmicks or lore. To get started here's one of mine. It's...
  6. Steel_Justice

    GEN VI: LF: HA Amaura and Gen 6 Adamant/Naughty Groudon

    As it says in the title. I'll accept Amaura as long as it has its HA IVs, EVs, nature and moves don't matter. I can trade BP items, evo stones, berries or various HA pokes. I have many so tell me what you're looking for and I'll see if I can get it. For Groudon I'd prefer it gen 6 with...
  7. Steel_Justice

    Your Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    Since TV/Film/Music has one of these might as well start one here too. Please keep Pokemon related examples to its own thread. Anyway here's some of mine to get started. GTA 5 Online is pretty overrated. Too much grinding, griefers, annoying little kids and other mechanics that make things...
  8. Steel_Justice

    Contest Poll: Mega Blastoise vs Mega Swampert

    A while back we had a poll for Venusaur and Sceptile's respective megas so I figured these two should clash as well. VS In one pond we have the original water type, the turtle titan, the owner of the biggest gun in the pokemon world: Mega Blastoise! In the other pond we have the fish...
  9. Steel_Justice

    GEN VI: Looking for Adaptability Skrelp

    What it says in the title. I've got lots of HA pokemon and well bred pokemon so if you're looking for something in particular I might be able to get it. I'd prefer it to be female and caught in either a net ball or dive ball. Info is in the sig.
  10. Steel_Justice

    GEN VI: Want to borrow a Latios

    I need to borrow a Latios to complete the Hoenn dex. I can offer hidden abilities in return I've got access to many (Even the elusive imposter ditto). I've also bred many strong mega evolution pokemon so I can breed them to get a 4-5 IV pokemon. I've got most of them so take your pick.
  11. Steel_Justice

    GEN VI: HA Carvanah/Sharpedo

    Since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming soon I'm looking for a HA Carvanah/Sharpedo so I can grab a speed boost before going Mega and crunch everything to death. I'll part with one of the following in return. 6 IV Naive Bagon (male) with Sheer Force in an Ultra Ball 6 IV Adamant...
  12. Steel_Justice

    Contest Hypno vs Malamar

    I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been done yet. Both pokemon are psychic types known for their strong hypnotic powers. Who has the better design? Who would win in a battle? Who is more useful? And who can spawn more NSFW jokes?
  13. Steel_Justice

    Breeding Leftover Giveaways: Lots of Pokemon, help me get rid of them

    Since I've got a lot of pokemon cluttering up my pokebank it's about time I start to trade them off. Almost all are level 1 but there are some that aren't which were used for breeding themselves. Those should have the egg moves but they might need a heart scale or two. I will check the...
  14. Steel_Justice

    GEN VI: Looking for some hidden abilities

    I'm looking for any member of the Dratini or Fletchling's evolutionary lines with hidden abilities. I don't care about natures, level, ivs, evs, gender or anything besides the family line and the hidden ability present. So if you have a really bad breeding reject you were going to release...
  15. Steel_Justice

    Contest Clashing Muscles: Machamp vs Conkeldurr

    VS In one corner we have the ripped wrestler, the duke of dynamicpunch, the macho man from Kanto: Machamp!!! In the other corner we have the crushing carnie, the ogre of ouch, Unova's jester of pain: Conkeldurr!!! Who would win in a head to head clash? Who is more usefull? Who do you...
  16. Steel_Justice

    Contest Spider Wars: Galvantula VS Ariados

    VS A battle between spiders from distant lands. It's electricity vs poison. Speed vs patience Which one do you prefer? Which one is more useful? Which one would win in a head to head fight? Which one has the cuter pre-evolution?
  17. Steel_Justice

    Gimmick/Theme teams

    Have any of you guys ever for fun made teams that had some kind of gimmick or theme to them? If so share and discuss here. For example I have made a team were everyone had blades for arms or hands (has pokemon like scizor and gallade) a hail team and many others.