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  1. Emrye

    The Art Channel [UPDATE]

    Hello, everyone! It's me, Channel 42, here with my art shop update! Now my shop doesn't look as stupid as it did. <3 I've changed a lot of the products; they're now much better in quality. And I added sprite fusions so yay. XD Please take a look below~ v WHAT I DO: Banners/Signatures The...
  2. Emrye

    WANTED: Shiny Cacnea

    Does anyone have a UT Shiny Cacnea up for trade? If so, what would you like? Thanks. :3
  3. Emrye

    Wanted: Solar Power Charmander

    Does anyone have a Solar Power Charmander for trade? If so, what would you like? I have about every Pokemon on my White version and I can PokeGen. Thank you!!!
  4. Emrye

    First Steps (MidnightSunset and Greece)

    Greece; Well, here we go.... —————— "No Dad!" "Son, stop this nonsense and get back to the building!" "No!" The boy, his name is Steven Stone. He's the son of Mr. Stone, the famous CEO of Devon Corporation. "I said stop running!" said Mr. Stone. "Nooooo" said Steven, tripping over a...
  5. Emrye

    GEN 5: PokeGen Battles Please!!!

    I'm really bored, so would someone like to battle my PokeGen team? All of my Pokemon have legit movesets and abilities. But! I use 2 Ubers. Hope we can settle on something! :D
  6. Emrye

    Kululu's Art Shop ~ v. 2.0

    Welcome to "Kululu's Art Shop!" Hello! Welcome to the new version of my Art Shop! I had collected a lot of posts in my last shop, so I decided to open a new one. :ksmile: ~~~ Rules: No complicated/uber specific requests. NO more DeviantArt images! DX Please, only 2 requests at a time...
  7. Emrye

    Flying Pikachu, anyone?

    Does anyone have a UT Event Flying Pikachu? If so, I have a few event Pokemon I'm will to let go of. :P
  8. Emrye

    Do you think Splash will ever get an effect?

    So, do you think Splash will ever gain an effect? I'm really mixed right now, but maybe.... :sweatlol:
  9. Emrye

    Genesect, anyone?

    Does anybody have the newly released Genesect Event? All clones accepted. I don't know what to give, so just ask! :XD2:
  10. Emrye

    Need UT Regice

    Hello! I really need a Regice for my new team, but it has to be UT. I can breed you egg move Pokemon, and I have a few shinies. Like my Pokemon Center Druddigon (Japan). (It was cloned, BTW) :loopy:
  11. Emrye

    LF: DW Riolu

    Hello! I'm looking for the DW Riolu w/ Prankster as it's ability. I'd prefer if it was UT. Just ask me, I might have the Pokemon you're looking for! :ksmile:
  12. Emrye

    EVERYONE: Aika and the Pokémon Musketeers

    Hello to everyone reading my first Pokemon Fan-Fic!!! :-D I'm a newbie at this, so please help with grammer and shtuff. :3 Chapter 1: Wake Up! "Strange Pokemon sightings have been reported around Ilex Forest this morning," blaired the radio alarm clock. "Err... wha?" said a...
  13. Emrye

    UT Pineco Wanted

    Hey! I need a UT Pineco for my latest plot plan for battling. Can anyone help? I don't know what to offer though...
  14. Emrye

    DW Starters

    Hey! Does anyone happen to have any DW Starters? I used to have a legit Speed Boost Torchic, but I messed up on EV training it. Soooo.... Request something, I might have it. :-)
  15. Emrye

    If Ash(Satoshi) met ^ [v1]

    Rules: 1. No double posting, include it all into 1 post. 2. Be respectful. (A.K.A., don't use this as a form of hurting another) 3. Have some fun! This is 'Fun and Games'. Well, it's kinda hard to put an example as the first poster, but try to follow this example: [If Ash(Satoshi) met...
  16. Emrye

    [CLOSED] LF: UT Zangoose w/ Toxic Boost

    I don't know if this is released yet, but I'm searching for a UT Zangoose w/ the ability Toxic Boost. I don't care about gender or nature, as long as it doesn't decrease Attack or Speed. If it's T, then a female would be nice. What I have to offer: I have a few Moon Stones, a bunch of Dex...
  17. Emrye

    LF Dusk Stone

    Does anyone have one to spare? I wanna evolve my Misdreavous after I EV train it. :-) I can offer: a Shuckle (Just throwin' it out there), Moon Stones, Exp. Shares, just request. I also breed egg moves. :-D
  18. Emrye

    Kululu's Art Shop

    Welcome to Kululu's Art Shop ! It's SO updated! oAo I now offer MANY more art services including: Custom Banners Custom Signatures Text Logos Dream World Art Recolors Still Sprite Recolors Team Pictures Sprite Fusions Pokemon Cards Examples: Banners: Signatures: Text...
  19. Emrye

    Competitive Team - UPDATE

    Ok, so coming in 67th place in the VGC Regionals was dissapointing. But I learned how to EV train! Sooooo.... Can you guys help me with movesets? Or Items? (I haven't decided on any items at all o_o) Zapdos(Shiny) @ Electric Gem Ability: Pressure Moveset: Thunder Bolt Volt Switch Heat...
  20. Emrye

    Rain Dish Lotad

    Yeah, I just can't seem to find a Lotad w/ Rain Dish in White Forest. I have a lot of Pokemon, and some Moon Stones for trade. Please be UT, as it is for my RM/VGC/Tournment team. Oh, and it has to be female.